Guardian Australia posts ad for ‘digital journalists’

Katharine Viner TweetTwo weeks after poaching Fairfax’s Lenore Taylor and Katharine Murphy British newspaper The Guardian has posted an job advertisement for what it calls ” a number of digital journalists to be part of our small editorial team.”

According to the advertisement, applicants much be passionate about “open journalism” and understand the importance of their audience and engaging readers.

Deputy editor of The Guardian, Katharine Viner, this afternoon tweeted a link to the advertisement saying: “Guardian Australia is hiring. Digital journalists apply here.”

The Guardian also posted an ad for interactive / data journalists and a head of finance and a team administrator. Most of the roles will be based in Sydney.

The call out for applications comes amid continued industry speculation about the number of journalists Viner, who is heading the Australian operation, is seeking.

Encore Magazine today reported how various numbers including eight, 15 to 20 and even as many 40 have been floated.

In the US The Guardian employs around 50 staff. The Guardian has previously declined to comment on the speculation.

Nic Christensen


  1. Triscott Humberstone
    28 Feb 13
    3:21 pm

  2. If major components of the required journalistic abilities are to: spell incorrectly, display ignorance of syntax & sentence construction, include clear errors of fact, obvious bias, ignore any need to flow the content, create articles from similarly poorly composed press releases or information packs; then The Guardian is looking in the correct place!

  3. willemrt
    28 Feb 13
    4:09 pm

  4. Oh Triscott. Bitter man is bitter

  5. MA
    28 Feb 13
    4:38 pm

  6. SMH has heaps of them. They search for stuff on the internet all day and repost it.

  7. nell schofield
    28 Feb 13
    5:45 pm

  8. yes yes let’s get rid of the traditional media who are so so stupid compared to every Gen Y vanity blogger

    i just can’t wait to get my news from their Facebook status updates and Twitter feeds.

    They know so much about the world, especially business and international relations

  9. Ma
    28 Feb 13
    7:23 pm

  10. @nell in case you hadn’t noticed, smh got rid of most of their good journalists and a lot more are leaving… Smh online might as we be staffed by bloggers.

  11. Fabfour
    28 Feb 13
    8:43 pm

  12. Aussie journos going cheap …

  13. jean cave
    28 Feb 13
    10:18 pm

  14. Therefore will the quick crossword reflect Australianisms???
    Do Australians do crosswords?

  15. The Internetz
    1 Mar 13
    9:49 am

  16. Geez guys, brighten up. After a long period of massive jobs cuts in media across the board, I for one am bloody ecstatic that there are new, great jobs for experienced journos. More quality media is a good thing!

  17. Ford Prefect
    1 Mar 13
    10:28 am

  18. “i just can’t wait to get my news from their Facebook status updates and Twitter feeds. ”
    Still, often more enlightening than anything I might read in the Australian or the Daily Telegraph

  19. Mike
    1 Mar 13
    2:46 pm

  20. “Digital journalists”?? Presumably they use their fingers.

  21. Andrew Duffy
    1 Mar 13
    3:41 pm

  22. I’m looking forward to seeing who they select for the data journalist role. There are so many different skills the potential candidate could have, and it will be interesting to see what they value.

    If the Guardian’s UK-data blog is anything to go by, then we should be in for a treat.