Has anyone heard about Nine’s Underbelly: The Golden Mile?

Could the Nine Network possibly pump anymore out of Underbelly?   

Dr Mumbo in March wrote about the entrepreneurism of Sydney’s tourism industry with the launch of the Golden Mile Walking Tour of Sydney.

Now, Nine’s Getaway is getting in on the action, with the travel show’s presenter Dermott Brereton and Underbelly actor Diarmid Heidenreich featured in a segment tonight, doing the walking tour.

What next, will we see Daryl Somers and Plucka walking the Golden Mile? And why not the Today show just broadcast live from there too?

There must be some other Nine shows that could tie-up with its Australian underworld drama Underbelly: The Golden Mile surely.


  1. Ben
    6 May 10
    2:36 pm

  2. Isn’t it ‘commercial television’?

  3. David,
    6 May 10
    2:41 pm

  4. A commercial is one thing, but when Peter Harvey pretends its news…its a sad state of affairs. Current Affair to be more precise.

  5. Alex Light
    6 May 10
    2:53 pm

  6. It’s great to see channel nine news also doing a credible editorial segment on the history of the golden mile this week.

  7. audrey
    6 May 10
    2:53 pm

  8. RPA special featuring everyone who’s been shot or overdosed on *the golden mile*?

  9. Stephen
    7 May 10
    10:33 am

  10. or a special live footy show, featuring the NRL’s finest in the toilets of various high class cross establishments.

  11. Jimi
    10 May 10
    10:21 am

  12. Im surprised we have seen “chck chck boom” girl have anything to do with it.