Keyboard Cat and Telstra do not mix

Remember how Facebook stopped being fun when your parents asked to be your friends on it?

Now Telstra has stolen Keyboard Cat from us.

Update: And the first remix is on YouTube too:


  1. reevesy
    3 May 10
    1:14 pm

  2. man, i hope Keyboard cat got some fishy treats for his part in this one.

  3. Sam
    3 May 10
    1:20 pm

  4. I was hoping, perhaps naively, that keyboard cat was going to play off the T-Hub ad itself.

    What is next, someone gets a phone bill over $9,000? Or Xzibit puts a T-Hub inside a T-Hub?

    This is madness..

  5. iusedtosellshit
    3 May 10
    1:27 pm

  6. Lame Ad for a Really Lame product.

  7. Claude Ware
    3 May 10
    1:31 pm

  8. Oh God.

    Can Keyboard Cat please play off the Telstra ad featuring Keyboard Cat?

  9. audrey
    3 May 10
    1:31 pm

  10. epic lulz @ sam. my thoughts exactly. although would very much like to see the xzibit one.

  11. SexyNinjaMonkey
    3 May 10
    1:34 pm

  12. Yeah i saw this ad the other night and had an immediate WTF reaction.

    Sam, I would love to see them make one with a bill ‘over $9000’

  13. Mikolai
    3 May 10
    2:07 pm

  14. Way to destroy a perfectly good meme :(

  15. Andrew
    3 May 10
    2:09 pm

  16. Oh wow, turns out I CAN dislike Telstra even more.

  17. Adam Paull
    3 May 10
    2:18 pm

  18. Keyboard Cat is a PERFECT fit for this Telstra product – both are dead and stuffed…

  19. josh909
    3 May 10
    2:20 pm

  20. This ad made me want to destroy something beautiful.

  21. Kristie
    3 May 10
    2:21 pm

  22. SO LAME! I CRINGE every time I see this ad! Can’t even believe Telstra let it go to air. It’s trying WAAAYYYY to hard.

  23. 8apixel
    3 May 10
    2:21 pm

  24. LOL @ Andrew – I hope this is the first and last meme they use. It just feels like this big massive brand (that’s had bad opinion for… forever) needs to reinvent itself. It certainly won’t do anybetter by attachign itself to ‘popular’ things. I feel for them, I do. But there must be a better way. Com’on Telstra! Throw money into better service first before advertising and gadgets!

  25. AdGrunt
    3 May 10
    2:23 pm

  26. Jesus wept. This makes the World Envy series of ads (John McEnrone / Dustin Hoffman / Bob Geldof campaign epic fail) seem good.

  27. 8apixel
    3 May 10
    2:25 pm

  28. LOL @Andrew and jsoh909. Telstra should throw money into better service than advertising or cool gadgets that no one can afford

  29. iusedtosellshit
    3 May 10
    2:35 pm

  30. What were the creatives smoking to think this was “cool” anyway?

    Creative 1: “right we have to advertise this “thingy” the client has.
    Creative 2: “what does it do?”
    C1: its some box thing that you get the internet on
    C2: oh like You Tube and Stuff?
    C1: yeah i think so…
    C2: oohh.. so whats funny on you tube these days?
    C1: oh i dunno, its blocked int he office i think… let me ask my kids

    The risk of using a popular viral element of your campaign guys is you just become Lame and Aged overnight.

    We have moved on from the Cat, today its Soldiers doing GaGa

  31. tbone
    3 May 10
    2:48 pm

  32. haha it’s such a neither-here-nor-there product

  33. Anonymous
    3 May 10
    3:04 pm

  34. And on the first brithday of Keyboard Cat going viral:

    Way to get down with the kids, Telstra

  35. Pharian
    3 May 10
    3:23 pm

  36. LOL SAM!! OVER 9000!!! OMGOGGLES

  37. Jimmy Cracker
    3 May 10
    3:40 pm

  38. Shows a total lack of understanding of the KC internet meme.
    They’ve KC’d their own ad.

  39. A
    4 May 10
    11:56 am

  40. Telstra lost.

  41. R
    4 May 10
    12:29 pm

  42. Which agency developed this concept?

  43. Malkuth Damkar
    4 May 10
    12:55 pm

  44. Is the next one going to have Hitler talking about how bad this ad was?

  45. XZIBIT
    5 May 10
    2:54 pm