Mystery angel

Dr Mumbo has been sent a curious teaser video featuring a sweaty, smelly man with wings. But he’s not permitted to say which brand is behind it. Any guesses for who it might be?


  1. chris
    26 Apr 12
    12:42 pm

  2. looks like the same tone and look as oak iced coffee campaign

  3. Sarah
    26 Apr 12
    12:44 pm

  4. From your description I would have guessed Lynx following their fallen angel campaign, but after watching I’m left clueless.

    Mortein maybe?

  5. Anonymous
    26 Apr 12
    4:35 pm

  6. I do know and it’s not any you have mentioned so far..

  7. jean cave
    27 Apr 12
    8:46 am

  8. Qantas?

  9. Dan
    27 Apr 12
    10:51 am

  10. Red Bull?