Now Eddie McGuire compares Goodes to King Kong

Welcome to Eddie McGuire’s Hotseat.

As President of Collingwood Football Club, you’ve just had to apologise for one of your fans calling aboriginal player Adam Goodes “an ape”.

As a Triple M breakfast presenter, you’re expected to offer up some topical banter. While chatting about the musical King Kong do you:

A) Tell listeners: “Get Adam Goodes down for it do you reckon? You could see them doing it, can’t you? Goodsie. You know, with the ape thing. Pumping him up and mucking around and all that sort of stuff.”

B) Don’t do that. You’d look like a racist dick;

c) Don’t do that. You’d look a complete fool;

D) Seriously. Don’t. Do. That.;

Ah. You went for A. Thanks for playing, Eddie


  1. cr
    29 May 13
    2:18 pm

  2. Unbelievable! Extraordinary! Speechless!

  3. Roger R Ramjet
    29 May 13
    2:19 pm

  4. Eddie McGuire is every bit as tainted and disgusting a hypocrite today as he has always been. For 15 minutes on Friday night he appeared to show some sort of human compassion for someone who had very publicly been racially abused – and has been his entire life. That was now transparently about nothing more than defending his football team and their supporters. Predictably grubby.

  5. Hamish
    29 May 13
    2:24 pm

  6. Unbelievable, but with McGuire, nothing is beneath him, nor beyond the realm of possibility.

    That he’s considered one of the most renowned personalities in Australian media is not a good thing, nor should it be a source of pride for Australia.

    At all costs, keep him away from the Tourism account.

  7. Hoges
    29 May 13
    2:26 pm

  8. the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

  9. BJD
    29 May 13
    2:27 pm

  10. Really, Eddie??!! Mouth in gear before brain.

    Luckily Adam Goodes is such a class act, he will handle this with the same composure he handled the incident on the weekend.

  11. PR Pro
    29 May 13
    2:29 pm

  12. . McGuire is President of Collingwood AFL club whose supporters racially taunted St Kilda Aboriginal player Nicky Winmar 20 years ago, resulting in the now famous picture of Winmar pointing to his skin as a “I’m proud to be black” gesture.
    Back then Collingwood’s president remarked Aborigines would be more accepted by Australians if they ‘acted like white people.”

    Fast forward 20 years and McGuire shows that yet another Collingwood president still doesn’t get it

  13. Alan Davidson
    29 May 13
    2:31 pm

  14. What a donkey you are Eddie. I went to my first game this last weekend (Collingwood supporter) and sat in the Ponsford stand behind the goals in the Collingwood heartland. Never again. I had 500 morons sitting in in the block in front of me on the top deck laughing and joking with one another with black AND white racist banter. I left at three quarter time disgusted with what I heard and saw. The game deserves better than this. Just listen to Adam Goodes humble, intelligent reply after the 13 year old’s one liner. Then listen to Eddie, not!

  15. SR
    29 May 13
    2:33 pm

  16. Absolutely shocked when I heard this also. Tthe worst thing was when asked why he did this on air, he replied “I was tired”. I am pretty tired most days but certainly know that isn’t an appropriate statement from an “industry professional”. Disappointed Eddie!

  17. wendy jo
    29 May 13
    2:38 pm

  18. This says more about Eddie McGuire than his ‘honourable’ actions on Friday night. Live radio, off the cuff comment, “exhausted” – his guard was down so he said what was really on his mind. His actions at the game were clearly part of a well constructed crisis management plan, plotted and practised. And it worked! Until now… yuck.

  19. laird Bandrum
    29 May 13
    2:39 pm

  20. Eddie was being a smart alex and clearly making racially motivated putdowns.
    Hypocrite seems an apt description – the only sad thing is that 3AW listeners would see that behaviour as normal.

  21. My experience
    29 May 13
    2:42 pm

  22. Surely nobody is surprised are they?

    Eddie McGuire can barely read the questions when he hosts Millionaire. Did anyone hear his marathon commentary at this years London Olympics? (I cringed and asked: “Who the fck has allowed this person to commentate?”)

    He must be good at something, because he holds some pretty reputable / leadership roles. Perhaps he is good at politics incorporate boys networks…?

  23. B
    29 May 13
    2:43 pm

  24. Agree with you CR – am also speechless! This is actually worse than the 13yr old ape call in my opinion (which was unacceptable anyway). Go away Eddie.

  25. who wants to be a moollunaire
    29 May 13
    2:46 pm

  26. This should get Eddy off the airways, finally. Never understood Eddy. Seems he was a Victorian thing. You have a lot of explaining to do melbourne…

  27. A harsh trifle....
    29 May 13
    3:11 pm

  28. Eddie McGuire should do the right thing. Stand down from all public roles immediately and indefinitely and undergo the same councelling that he suggested the young girl from teh MCG should receive.

  29. Michael
    29 May 13
    3:11 pm

  30. Eddy, Kochie and Kyle – Australians to be proud of – not. How come they still have a job and get paid???

  31. Spindoctor
    29 May 13
    3:16 pm

  32. I don’t believe I heard right! Of course he was having a shot at Adam Goodes. It was cheap, nasty and uncalled for and no explanation or “apology” can change that.

  33. Mat
    29 May 13
    4:12 pm

  34. Eddie McGuire is tired! I think AUSTRALIA is tired of Eddy! Send him to the scrap heap where he belongs along with the rest of the racist victorian public who think its funny and acceptable to go to the footy and yell racist obscenities towards the stars of the game!

  35. Angie T
    29 May 13
    4:18 pm

  36. The same old boys network spouting the same old boys beliefs (yes, many of them are genuinely racist – and don’t get me started on sexism) on the same old boys commercial radio stations. Who can believe it’s 2013 and people are still saying this sort of thing. Racism is endemic in the AFL, within the clubs, players, board members and fans yet it constantly trots out its indigenous program as evidence that nothing is wrong. How many indigenous Australians (and women) sit on the AFL commission and on the board of each club? Footy – gave up on it years ago …

  37. Chris
    29 May 13
    4:25 pm

  38. Well McGuire is an oaf. There tit for tat. Does he like that comment. Saying he was tired is a cop out. Is the media coming down on him like a ton of bricks like they did that 13 year old. At least she had an excuse and can be forgiven for her age and outlook. I suppose once a Broady always a Broady. Mutton dressed up as lamb. Yeah apple doesn’t fall far fr the tree. It is 4.23 pm wonder if 3aw is all over this.

  39. Chris
    29 May 13
    4:26 pm

  40. Dickhead

  41. Valerio Brunetti
    29 May 13
    5:00 pm

  42. We have to understand McGuire, because a high number of persons haven’t got enough culture to express in the right way their own opinions, hence they use the worst terms to judge others, instead of the appropriate words. I mean, in those circumstances, he didn’t find the proper terms to describe his humors towards the athlete, not necessarily with the intention of what he meant. Best wishes to you all from italy

  43. Super
    29 May 13
    5:14 pm

  44. Agree with you Angie T – I think we heard the authentic Eddie having ‘a laugh’ as he would with his old school boy buddies, and again like he would about gals with a ‘reputation’ or that kind of crap. Karma is a bitch and it caught up with him after his hypocritical ‘hero’ antics re the 13 year old. Just listen to his various excuses about what he said:

    First he was ‘tired’ – then he meant ‘the old days’ (like that’s a reason?) – then ‘his brain wasn’t connecting with his mouth’ (that’s pretty much a free pass for saying ANYTHING!). His co-hosts at the time tried to help him out, but he still kept going!

    I thought at the time of the original incident with the 13 yr old he really went over the top in his comments about her and the fact that being young was ‘no excuse’. My god the poor girl was with police for 2 HOURS!!? Was Eddie hauled off by the police?

    And I remember at the time wondering what his reaction would have been if it was a 13 year old boy…just sayin…

    The only one who comes out with class in any of this is Adam Goodes.

  45. Ayesha
    29 May 13
    5:15 pm

  46. Note to self, dont accept apologies from Mr McGuire.
    Seems he will negate all good from it a few days later.

  47. Fred
    29 May 13
    5:25 pm

  48. The thirteen year old girls are having their revenge. Adam Goodes _ _ _ is trending for Google image searches.

  49. Rhys
    29 May 13
    5:41 pm

  50. People need to seriously harden up. It was an ‘inappropriate’ joke, but the man is not a white supremacist. Whatever happened to people having a sense of humour?

    Furthermore, this Goodes guy skin must be as thick as rice paper considering how much ‘offence’ he seems to take everything, and NO THAT IS NOT RACIST, it is a simply a simile.

  51. GN
    29 May 13
    7:55 pm

  52. How does a bloated bore with no discernible ability become a top media personality? Life is indeed a mystery.

  53. Andrew
    29 May 13
    10:14 pm

  54. Why doesn’t Eddie put his money where his mouth is and offer Adam Goodes $10,000+
    to a charity of his choice which will assist Racial Understanding….he earns enough and it would be a drop in the ocean but nevertheless a gesture that he may learn from.

  55. Blerto
    30 May 13
    7:06 am

  56. Think we need to make sure Adam Goodes is the focus not Dickheddy McG. How would he be feeling? I know he is a champion but its a huge pressure to bear being an elite athlete, a role model for kids and a role model & leader in the indigenous community – all power to the man.

  57. Encyclic!
    30 May 13
    9:43 am

  58. @Rhys.

    Are you f**king serious?

    After what had happened this week, you think excersising a bit of thought before speaking is too much to ask? Who the hell are you to decide how people should react when they’ve been vilified by some 13 year old clot, and then had the problem exacerbated by one of the people running around “fixing” things?

  59. Chris
    30 May 13
    10:54 am

  60. Valerio Brunetti
    – stay in Italy mate. You have no clue. Your comment”persons haven’t got enough culture” is right – McG is an uncultured lout. As i said in my previous post-once a Broady always a Broady.
    Rhys- It was an ‘inappropriate’ joke,- why is it a joke. Likening King Kong to Adam Goodes is not a joke. Would you like being compared to a buffoon?Yes he should step down, chased by the media, his family should be chased like the poor 13 year old girl was. It is not acceptable to use the media to make jokes abt someone else.

  61. Rhys
    30 May 13
    11:45 am

  62. @ Encyclic

    Why yes, I am being “f***ing serious”, I failed to see how my tone involved comedy.

    This week has shown a disgusting side to our ‘Politically Correct culture’ in which it is apparently OK for a 13 year old girl to be grilled by police, labelled a racist on the front page of the Herald Sun and be stretched out in front of the whole country as being ‘what’s wrong with our society’. Anyone who approves of her treatment disgusts me.

    Furthermore, I’m even more disgusted that it is apparently acceptable to involve police, legal action and a public inquisition because someone was ‘offended’ by the comments of another. This is an incredibly disturbing path which is being inflated by the press for the purpose of selling papers.

    Now onto Mr. McGuire. What Eddie said was inappropriate, but not racist. He was not saying Goodes was King Kong, he was saying that he wouldn’t put it past advertising people to use Goodes to promote the show to gain some controversial publicity. He said it poorly. He shouldn’t have said it considering everything, but it does not make him a racist and it does not give everyone with internet access a right to damn him for it.

    Furthermore if my opinion offends you, then that is brilliant. People should be allowed to be offensive and offended. It’s called free speech.


    If Eddie was a raving white supremacist who advocated the word “nigger” and genuinely hated people of a different ethnicity, then I would be a part of the mob demanding his resignation. However he is not that. He made a stupid comment while trying to be funny and the court of public opinion has seen fit to damn him for it.

    I personally couldn’t care less if “someone likened me to a buffoon” either (it’s called having a thick skin), what does make me care is the way this affair has been handled by the media and more importantly the lasting impact this may have on this child.

    Lastly mate, are you saying that comedians should be restricted in the mediums in which they operate? Or politicians can no longer make fun of their opposite numbers?

    Or are you simply saying that the media should be a sanitised environment and no one should be able to ‘publicly’ offend anyone…?

  63. Ron
    30 May 13
    11:47 am

  64. Wow

    Whatever is the AFL coming too. Isn’t it about time everyone grew up and had some common sense. How is calling someone an Ape a racist remark. Its common term used by many Australians and not meant as an insult.

    If Goodes took the remark as racist then that’s his prerogative but this continual
    media garbage blowing everything out of portion is ridiculous.

    Im sure we have all been called names over the years but it wasn’t reported in the media.

    As for the poor kid of 13yrs who has been hounded over her remark its a travesty and I think all of us have heard worse from teenagers.

    Common Sense and forgiveness please.

  65. Luby Loo
    30 May 13
    12:06 pm

  66. Eddie forgot to bring his filter along to his radio show. That’s one very well used instrument BTW. Eddie is not real he is a persona, a blokey cocktail of power and greed. That’s the thing when you are not the real deal, it catches up with you when you least expect it to. When there is much more energy spent being who you aren’t it can tap you on the shoulder when and where you least expect it

  67. Graeme
    30 May 13
    12:33 pm

  68. Really Enyclic? Your so perfect you never once as a child spoke without thinking? The girl did not scream four letter word abuse, she called out “ape” in the heat of a football game. If she had called out “Your a f**king c**t” , she could not have been charged under racism. See the double standard yet? Or is your halo so bright from being perfect, you’re blinded.

  69. Encyclic!
    30 May 13
    1:52 pm

  70. Graeme, you’ll note that my point centred on the allegedly full grown Eddie McGuire. The 13 year old is no doubt the product of an upbringing where it’s permissible to scream “Ape” at Aboriginal Footballers.

    Eddie however, is a public figure and, as stated above, an adult.

  71. Chris
    30 May 13
    2:04 pm

  72. Ron – Ape has a different meaing in Aboriginal culture.That is why, it is not taken in the same context as if you were called an ape(surely that would offend you even in the broadest terms)
    Lastly mate, are you saying that comedians should be restricted in the mediums in which they operate?(No I was not saying that. I was saying how Mcg used the medium in which he operates to make stupid Broady statements. Come on, just listen to the others on the same show. They were trying to get him to shut up and cover for him but he kept digging a deeper hole. That guy cannot stop talking. Did you hear his media statement. How much can one person talk?/

  73. Careful what you say
    30 May 13
    4:41 pm

  74. Do you realise that by defending Eddie you’re tarring yourself with the same brush? How do you know if he is a racist or not? I don’t. But I do know that what he said yesterday constitutes a racial slur – completely unforgivable given the circumstances – and I don’t know how some people can’t understand why it was.

  75. Doc
    30 May 13
    4:54 pm

  76. Well done Eddie…you knob. Let me guess who your mentor is, perhaps your predecessor at Collingwood – Alan Mcallister ??

  77. Valerio Brunetti
    30 May 13
    5:51 pm

  78. Dear Chris, thanks indeed for your personal reply. What I’ve learnt from from this gossip it’s the fact McG has brought into evidence his figure, may be that’s a way to sell his image more than what he’s done in the past. Today everybody’s talking about it, hence he’s reached his purpose. I’m an ex Kangaroo, I’m staying in Italy by ‘force major’, but I wished to be there because you have no idea what Italy is nowadays…
    all the best, Valerio

  79. MaryMagdalene
    30 May 13
    8:59 pm

  80. The Australian cricket team and media went crazy in support of Andrew Symons when an Indian cricketer called him a monkey. Mario Balotelli threatened to kill Italian football fans who taunted him with inflatable bananas. Everyone across the entire planet knows exactly what the primate comparison means – including Valerio Brunetti.

  81. MaryMagdalene
    30 May 13
    9:02 pm


    Talking about the 2012 European Cup finals:

    *Balotelli, who is preparing with the Italian team for their Group C fixtures, said: “I will not accept racism at all. It’s unacceptable. If someone throws a banana at me in the street, I will go to jail, because I will kill them.”*

  83. Basket Case
    30 May 13
    10:30 pm

  84. A slightly different slant from me. I believe McGuire when he says he didn’t know what he was saying. Most of us are not conscious of what we say. Plus, he is a Scorpio, and persons born under this sign say things that to the rest of us appear cutting and mean. As well his Chinese Lunar Sign is the Dragon. Among other things, this means Ego. Put these together, and you get Eddie Maguire. Where there is ego, there is no intelligence. It’s called hubris.

  85. Astonished Footy Fan
    30 May 13
    11:25 pm

  86. Eddie McBigot …. C.V. complete !

  87. Lee
    3 Jun 13
    3:20 pm

  88. Cuppa anyone?

  89. Billy Goat
    4 Jun 13
    4:07 pm

  90. Eddie , Kyle, Alan all would have been fired in any other country .