Patts Sydney promotes Bart Pawlak to creative director, Y&R changes job title language

Bart Pawlak

Y&R Brands has announced another change to its Sydney office following the appointment of Jason Buckley as COO last week, promoting Bart Pawlak to creative director.

Pawlak, who is credited with being “an integral part of the Sydney agency’s creative resurgence” in a press release from Patts, rises from senior copywriter.

He will report into Y&R Brands Sydney’s chief creative officer Julian Watt, whose job title – along with others at the agency – has just changed.

Watt was group ECD until last week, when Jason Buckley was appointed chief operating officer.

An agency spokesperson said that there had been no official directive from New York on the job title changes. “Times are changing and this is how we’re talking,” she told Mumbrella.

On Pawlak’s promotion, Watt said: “We’re excited to see Bart step up like this. He’s a superb thinker, craftsman and really gets the business of creativity. Add to this, he radiates positive energy, a vital part of a great creative business.”

Buckley said last week that of all the group’s operations, the Sydney office was “in need of attention”. His first move was the hire of Amy Luca as business director.

Buckley moved to a new role as Sydney COO in the wake of the departure of Y&R Brands CEO Russel Howcroft to Ten.


  1. just saying
    24 Sep 12
    2:38 pm

  2. Congrats to Bart on the well deserved step up to CD.

    But isn’t having a Chief Creative Officer rather grandiose for small agency?

  3. Rachel
    24 Sep 12
    3:56 pm

  4. Killing it Bart! Virtual high five!

    24 Sep 12
    4:16 pm

  6. Judging by the article, and previous spin I have read, Y&R Brands has all the hallmarks of a hugely political agency struggling with its own identity and falling well short on its projected numbers for the year. Looks like there’s a lot of posturing and realigning going on behind the scenes. Reminds me of Publicis Mojo circa 2004. Crazyville!

  7. H-boy
    24 Sep 12
    5:03 pm

  8. How do you know their numbers Phantom?

  9. KP
    24 Sep 12
    6:22 pm

  10. I love a good title change. That’ll fix things. Well played

  11. Ads
    24 Sep 12
    7:46 pm

  12. Let’s hope it’s not just a title change, but comes with appropriate remuneration, because that’s how you keep talent.