Rozz Switzer backs Aussie launch of non-dairy milk drink Almond Breeze

A new campaign launched for dairy-substitute Almond Breeze features Nine presenter Rozz Switzer.

Created by Now Screen, the ad marks the launch of the brand in Australia.

Roger Ringwood, country director for Almond Breeze at Blue Diamond, the drink’s manufacturer, said: “Even those hard-core dairy milk lovers out there should give it a whirl – they’ll be pleasantly surprised by the terrific taste, this is no soy!”

The 30-second TVC is the latest in a string of flavoured beverages offerings, including Dare Iced Coffee and Oak.


  • Production Company: Now Screen
  • PR:  ICON International Communications


  1. Poor form
    27 Apr 12
    2:30 pm

  2. Umm, so this is news because Ross Switzer backs it? Or did a new brand just simply pay for a ‘whats new’ spot to be made?
    This is not news Mumbrella, stop regurgitating media releases, you can do better.

  3. Henry Motteram
    27 Apr 12
    3:41 pm

  4. Slow news day at mumbrella it would seem…

  5. Jess B
    27 Apr 12
    3:55 pm

  6. shocking ad. @poor form, it’s news because of the spate of flavored drink ads recently. I suspect mumbrella was highlighting how bad this one is.

  7. Anonymous
    27 Apr 12
    4:19 pm

  8. Why are we getting the utter tripe that “what’s new” puts out as news on Mumbrella?

    Leave this c**p in the shadows.

  9. Rob R
    30 Apr 12
    10:53 am

  10. *Laughing* seems like this story triggered the same reflex in all of us, you lot beat me to the punch.. Ditto to what they said…

  11. Asif Ullprintthis
    4 May 12
    9:16 am

  12. This woman’s giant teeth will devour us all!