Slurping his words

Given Leo Burnett Melbourne’s success with its BYO Cup Day promotion for 7-Eleven at Cannes this week, which has so far won two silvers and a bronze, Dr Mumbo is beginning to wonder what it feels like to eat a wheelbarrow full of Slurpee.

Rather like eating a large piece of humble pie, he would have thought.


  1. Hmmmm...
    19 Jun 12
    2:44 pm

  2. Humble pie is quite tasty. Sort of like hazelnut praline.

    But a wheelbarrow full of Slurpee…

    The decent-sized wheelbarrow holds 200 litres. But as any self-respecting Slurpee-maker knows, you can load up a Slurpee way beyond the size of the container.

    So I reckon Dr.Mumbo can get 250 litres of Slurpee into the barrow, easily.

    This will cost about $600, and probably result in the shutting-down of at least 3 vital organs.

    Great, great bet.