Social media stats

There’s been something of a battle of the social media videos going on, with some of the more hyperbolic rightly being questioned for the quality of their sources.  

But this newly updated version appears well sourced and backed by the Economist. Worth a look.

Hat-tip: Digital Buzz Blog


  1. Sully
    21 Sep 09
    1:26 pm

  2. The Economist backing and listed sources adds a lot to nice preso.
    Shame it is US centric, but accepted it is for a US conference.

    The presentation that turns this tsunami of facts into something we can use in a more insightful way will be the one that really gets the attention. You tend to glaze over after a while.
    But I do like the use of the Ray Kurzweil quote: “So what used to fit in a building, now fits in your pocket, what fits in your pocket now will fit inside a blood cell in 25 years” …assuming we will all be “shooting up” on facts and figures by 2035…