Street art campaign targets heroin users

A street art campaign has launched to reach heroin users.

Designed by agency Euro RSCG, for consumer product company Reckitt Benckiser, the campaign is to launch treatment Suboxone Sublingual Film.

As the treatment is a category S8 pharmaceutical drug and can’t be named in ads, the campaign is designed to raise awareness of the opportunity for the treatment of the addiction.

Alex Evangelinidis, art director for Euro said: “We were connecting with people who sit outside the boundaries of conventional media.”

“Rather than hoping they’d respond to traditional media, we had to go to them to get our message through. This allowed us to spark curiosity and engage in a real-time dialogue with the people we were seeking out. It was a project we all felt extremely passionate about.”

The artwork is by street artists ‘Judd’, Sirum’ and ‘Perso & Detch’ and in urban locales near where users frequent.


Euro RSCG Australia Team

  • Executive Creative Director – Steve Coll
  • Senior Art Director – Alex Evangelinidis
  • Senior Copywriter – Paul Suters
Production – Mike Gill
  • Group Account Director – David Bailey
  • Senior Account Manager – Benjamin Fayol
  • Designers – Darren Cole, Nic Adamovich

Client Team

  • Marketing Director – Lee H. Unroe
  • Product Manager – Ruari Macdonald

Post Production

  • Samiam
  • Director – Alex Evangelinidis, Paul Suters
  • Producer – Samantha Simpson
  • Cinematographer – Skeet Booth
  • Editor – Louis Westgarth
  • Soundtrack – Song Zu


  1. bospub
    7 Nov 11
    11:23 am

  2. Great job, but it only lasted about a week in Cremorne (VIC) before the council workers painted over it.

  3. David Olsen
    7 Nov 11
    11:58 am

  4. Needs to incorporate bathroom advertising with CTA take away cards and a telephone number for more information IMHO.

    Sure there are plenty of users who have access to a PC to lookup the URL for more information, but more likely they will be able to access the information via phone.

  5. Cathie
    7 Nov 11
    12:01 pm

  6. I really like the concept, but “opiate dependence” seems like language that might not really connect with its intended audience.
    Great use of media, but I’m not sure the message is bang on target.

  7. Aidan
    7 Nov 11
    12:53 pm

  8. Shouldn’t his pupils be smaller?

  9. Funny
    7 Nov 11
    1:27 pm

  10. Mychoice….. isn’t that the Panadol tagline? Unusual choice of words from the producers of Nurofen.

  11. SF
    7 Nov 11
    2:23 pm

  12. What % of heroin users have access to the internet? Opiate dependence?

  13. captain cat
    7 Nov 11
    4:17 pm

  14. I think the term opiate dependence is accurate. Users know their gear.

  15. Sally
    7 Nov 11
    11:35 pm

  16. I know heaps of smack-heads – most of them can’t afford to pay for internet access even at a net cafe – would rather put the money up their arms.

    It would have been better with a toll free easy to remember number.

  17. Pete
    8 Nov 11
    8:32 am

  18. there are plenty of ‘smack-heads’ out there that hold down jobs and go about their daily lives just like everyone else not injecting drugs and thus have access to the internet. Although having said that, a manned helpline would’ve been useful. It’s lazy on the follow-through not to have this set up. Just build a website and leave it seems to be the mantra these days