Subway positions itself as a healthy fast-food brand with summer campaign by Mojo

“Keep up the good work”

Subway is positioning itself as a healthier fast-food option with a summer campaign to promote its low-fat 6-inch sandwich.

The 30-second TV ad, shot in documentary-style, shows footage of Subway ‘cheer squads’ in pop-up tents around exercise hot spots cheering people on in their efforts to get in better shape for summer.

The campaign is being rolled out across TV, radio, outdoor, online and in-store, as well as experiential activity.

“The campaign is about partnering with our customers, helping them get fit and healthy by providing them with the freedom to choose healthier  and delicious meal options. We all need some support when it comes to exercise and diet,” said the brand’s regional marketing Gina Kahler.

The agency behind the campaign was Publicis Mojo Brisbane.


  1. derrick
    18 Oct 12
    4:48 pm

  2. never really understood why Subway Aus seemed to just make their brand like any fast food – wit all the meatballs and shnitzle subs – rather than going for the health angle which was traditionally the main focus of Subway worldwide.


  3. Adam
    18 Oct 12
    5:13 pm

  4. It’s a good ad for Mount Franklin.

  5. Mr T
    18 Oct 12
    5:48 pm

  6. Another reason besides the gross smell of baking bread not to eat at subway

  7. The Million $ Man
    18 Oct 12
    6:24 pm

  8. I thought Mojo Brisbane was their agency?

  9. Robin Hicks
    18 Oct 12
    6:25 pm

  10. You’re right The Million $ Man, Mojo Brisbane is the agency behind this work. Sorry about that.

    Robin – Mumbrella

  11. Like Derrick
    18 Oct 12
    8:26 pm

  12. I hear you loud and clear Del boy!

    How can an establishment / brand position itself as “healthy” when it sells foot long meatball sandwiches, coke and cookies? That is the equivalent of the Navy advertising their services with flowers being fired out of their torpedo shoots…? “Spread love, join the Navy” The reality is Subway is not a healthy joint and the Navy kills people (sometimes…)

    False advertising?

  13. ?
    18 Oct 12
    8:43 pm

  14. Why pay an agency for this?

  15. nickatnights
    19 Oct 12
    7:58 am

  16. Mr T – I am with you. Why do Subway stores have a bad smell about them? It is so strong it pollutes the air within a 50 metre radius of each outlet.

    Fix up the smell and watch sales rise by at least 10%.

  17. Bob
    19 Oct 12
    9:26 am

  18. At the end of the day, Subway is just like any fast food chain. Slightly healthier than McD’s (but really, ANYTHING is healthier than Mickey D’s!). I’ve got nothing against their food – I treat it as it is, a cheap and quick meal.

    I mean, it’s a chain that sells $7 sandwiches – if you want healthy (or wholesome), make it yourself at home, or eat at a better place!

  19. A Rat
    19 Oct 12
    10:18 am

  20. Adam, you’re right. I want a swig of Mount Franklin right now!

  21. Bobby Dazzler
    19 Oct 12
    6:09 pm

  22. There’s a Subway literally right next door to my gym.

    See so many Idiots bust their arses working out and then go and eat this crap.

    Cracks me up…

  23. Ann
    19 Oct 12
    8:21 pm

  24. Subway is the only quick food I eat, you just to to make the right selections