The Voice and Tricky Business slide for Nine

Nine’s US version of song contest The Voice has slid in the ratings again after its third episode.

The two-hour singing competition, which aired from 7-9pm, took 584,000 total viewers – its lowest yet, according to preliminary ratings from OzTam.

The show claimed 635,000 on Tuesday and 669,000 on Monday.

Nine’s Tricky Business also sunk to a new low. The  drama, which has been bounced around the schedule in recent few weeks as ratings have fallen, aired at 10pm last night, taking 311,000.

Ten’s MasterChef, on in prime time between 7pm-8.30pm, won the night with 1.331m in total viewers and across the key advertising demographics of 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.

Offspring, which followed it on Ten at 8.30pm, took 1.086m to be fifth overall but second in the key advertising demos.

Seven was second in the 7pm time slot with Home & Away, on 946,000, while Australia’s Got Talent claimed 918,000 in the following slot.

SBS’s highest-rating show was Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve, with 399,000, followed by the Tour de France which claimed 348,000 viewers.

Seven’s Sunrise beat Nine’s Today soundly again, the former claiming 305,000 while Today rated with 262,000.

In the battle for breakfast TV, Seven’s Sunrise took 305,000 and Nine’s Today on 262,000 while Ten’s Breakfast took 32,000.

Seven won the night in channel share, just edging out Ten, 21% to 20.2%. Nine was third on 13.9% followed by The ABC on 10.1% and SBS fifth on 8.6%.

Wednesday’s top 15 programs

  1. Masterchef – Ten 1.331m
  2. Seven News – Seven 1.283m
  3. Nine News – Nine 1.149m
  4. Mrs Brown’s Boys – Seven 1.106m
  5. Offspring – Ten 1.086m
  6. Today Tonight – Seven 1.073m
  7. A Current Affair – Nine 0.982m
  8. Home and Away – Seven 0.946m
  9. ABC News – ABC 0.942m
  10. Australia’s Got Talent – Seven 0.918m
  11. Ten News – Ten 0.698m
  12. The Project – 6:30 – Ten 0.694m
  13. Hot Seat – Nine 0.657m
  14. 7:30 – ABC 0.642m
  15. Deal or No Deal – Seven 0.597m

Wednesday’s channel share

  1. Seven: 21.0%
  2. Ten: 20.2%
  3. Nine: 13.9%
  4. ABC1: 10.1%
  5. SBS1: 8.6%
  6. 7mate: 4.6%
  7. 7TWO: 3.8%
  8. Eleven: 3.8%
  9. GO!: 3.5%
  10. ABC2: 3.4%
  11. Gem: 2.5%
  12. One: 2.1%
  13. ABC3: 1.0%
  14. SBS2: 0.8%
  15. ABC News 24: 0.7%



  1. Damien
    12 Jul 12
    11:46 am

  2. 1.3million viewers during Masterchef and none of them are being exposed to Ten’s new breakfast offering Breakfast. Time to pounce guys!

  3. georgie
    12 Jul 12
    1:13 pm

  4. Nine is third in the ratings.Just goes to show that without the Block and Voice, Nine is nowhere. And they think they can inflict two series of each show on us. Any reason why Today is perfoming so poorly. I can understand the US version doing badly as viewers are deserting it after the dumping of Ann Curry but why the slide here?Isnt that an important timeslot for Nine in terms of advertisers?Is it the Kerri Anne factor that is the reason? Go Seven!!

  5. Janine
    12 Jul 12
    2:38 pm

  6. hey georgie, get a life! obviosly you don’t have one!
    Going to reallly irk you at the end of the year when nine wins the year easily.

  7. Tim
    12 Jul 12
    2:57 pm

  8. If Nine really thought a foreign series of The Voice, screened directly after the local version, was going to be equally successful… well, they deserve to come third. I’m increasingly convinced they’re hitting buttons at random over there, with little to no idea about how TV actually works, or what people actually want to watch.

  9. frank
    15 Jul 12
    8:44 pm

  10. Hey Janine- relax.its people like you that make tv dull and predictable. Where is Nine without The Voice. Look at the US version and you will see how pale the Aussie version is in comparison. The singers here were woeful. People only got hooked onto the blind auditions.Novelty value.