2024 APRA Music Awards nominees announced: Paul Kelly, Troye Sivan, Tex Perkins, and more

APRA AMCOS has revealed the nominees for this year’s APRA Music Awards, with seasoned vets rubbing shoulders with new artists, plus a brand-new category for hard rock and heavy metal songwriters.

Sarah Aarons leads the charge with three nominees: Most Performed Australian Work, Most Performed Pop Work, and the Peer-Voted APRA Song of the Year with Therapy (co-written with Ajay Bhattacharyya) performed by Budjerah.

Aarons has heavy competition in the APRA Song of the Year category: Paul Kelly and the late David McComb for If Not Now, (which sees Kelly sing a few bars of McComb’s Wide Open Road’ towards the end, hence his posthumous nod), Angie McMahon with Letting Go, Troye Sivan for Rush (with co-writer Styalz Fuego), and G Flip and co-writer Aidan Hogg for The Worst Person Alive.

First time nominees include legends like Tex Perkins, Ian Moss, and metal bands Parkway Drive, The Amity Affliction, and Polaris.

The 2024 APRA Music Awards will be held on May 1 at ICC Sydney with host Tom Gleeson.

Check out the entire list of noms, below.
Peer-Voted APRA Song of the Year

Title:                If Not Now
Artist:               Paul Kelly
Writers:            Paul Kelly / David McComb*
Publishers:       Sony Music Publishing / Mushroom Music*

Title:                Letting Go
Artist:               Angie McMahon
Writer:              Angie McMahon
Publisher:         Kobalt Music Publishing

Title:                Rush
Artist:               Troye Sivan
Writers:            Troye Sivan / Styalz Fuego* / Alex Chapman^ / Kevin Hickey^ / Brett McLaughlin~ /
Adam Novodor~
Publishers:       Universal/MCA Music Publishing / Universal Music Publishing* /
Kobalt Music Publishing^ / Sony Music Publishing~

Title:               Therapy
Artist:               Budjerah
Writers:            Sarah Aarons / Ajay Bhattacharyya
Publisher:        Sony Music Publishing

Title:               The Worst Person Alive
Artist:              G Flip
Writers:           G Flip / Aidan Hogg / Charles Brand* / Michelle Buzz^
Publishers:      Kobalt Music Publishing / Downtown Music* / Warner Chappell Music^

Emerging Songwriter of the Year

Writer:            Beckah Amani 

Writer:            grentperez
Publisher:        Mushroom Music

Writer:            MAY-A
Publisher:        Sony Music Publishing

Writers:          Otis Pavlovic & Royel Maddell (Royel Otis)
Publishers:      Kobalt Music Publishing obo Ourness Songs

Writers:          Scarlett McKahey, Anna Ryan, Jaida Stephenson & Neve van Boxsel 
(Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers)
Publisher:        Warner Chappell Music

Most Performed Australian Work 

Title:               How Do I Say Goodbye
Artist:               Dean Lewis
Writers:            Dean Lewis / Jon Hume*
Publishers:       Kobalt Music Publishing / Concord ANZ*

Title:               Only Wanna Be With You
Artist:              Amy Shark
Writers:           Amy Shark / Grant Averill / Joseph Spargur
Publisher:        Mushroom Music

Title:               LOVE AGAIN
Artist:              The Kid LAROI
Writers:           The Kid LAROI / Omer Fedi* / Billy Walsh* / Henry Walter*
Publishers:      Sony Music Publishing / Universal/MCA Music Publishing*

Title:               Ready For the Sky
Artist:               Budjerah
Writers:            Budjerah / Ainslie Wills*
Publishers:       Mushroom Music / Sony Music Publishing*

Title:               Therapy
Artist:               Budjerah
Writers:            Sarah Aarons / Ajay Bhattacharyya
Publisher:        Sony Music Publishing

Most Performed Alternative Work

Title:               Colin
Artist:               Lime Cordiale
Writers:            Louis Leimbach / Oli Leimbach
Publishers:      Universal Music Publishing obo Chugg Music

Title:               Daylight
Artist:               Birds of Tokyo
Writers:            Ian Berney / Ian Kenny / Glenn Sarangapany / Adam Spark / Adam Weston
Publisher:        Mushroom Music

Title:               Everybody’s Saying Thursday’s The Weekend
Artist:               DMA’s
Writers:            Matthew Mason / Thomas O’Dell / John Took / Liam Hoskins*
Publishers:      Universal Music Publishing / Warner Chappell Music*

Title:               Miami Baby
Artist:               Dope Lemon
Writers:            Angus Stone / Elliott Hammond*
Publishers:       Sony Music Publishing / BMG*

Title:               Sweat You Out My System
Artist:               MAY-A
Writers:            Maya Cumming / Robby De Sa
Publisher:        Sony Music Publishing

Most Performed Blues & Roots Work 

Title:               Been So Good, Been So Far
Artist:               Tim Rogers & The Twin Set
Writer:             Tim Rogers
Publisher:        Universal Music Publishing

Title:                Brand New Man
Artist:               Tex Perkins And The Fat Rubber Band
Writers:            Tex Perkins / Matthew Walker*
Publishers:       Universal Music Publishing / Sony Music Publishing*

Title:               Dancing in the Dark
Artist:              Ziggy Alberts
Writer:             Ziggy Alberts
Publisher:        Kobalt Music Publishing

Title:               Dollar Bill
Artist:              Blues Arcadia
Writers:           Alan Boyle / Christian Harvey

Title:               The Howling Dogs
Artist:               Frank Sultana
Writer:              Frank Sultana

Most Performed Country Work 

Title:               Got it Good
Artist:              James Johnston
Writers:           Melanie Dyer / James Johnston / Michael Delorenzis* / Michael Paynter*
Publisher:       Mushroom Music*

Title:               Last Time Last
Artist:               Brad Cox
Writers:            Brad Cox / Phil Barton* / John Pierce^
Publishers:      Sony Music Publishing / Mushroom Music* / Universal/MCA Music Publishing^

Title:                Over For You
Artist:               Morgan Evans
Writers:            Morgan Evans / Madison Love* / Timothy Sommers / Geoffrey Warburton^
Publishers:       Warner Chappell Music / Kobalt Music Publishing* / Sony Music Publishing^

Title:                Same Songs
Artist:               James Johnston & Kaylee Bell
Writers:            Kaylee Bell / James Johnston / Gavin Carfoot / Jared Porter / Nolan Wynne

Title:               Summer Nights
Artist:               Casey Barnes
Writers:            Casey Barnes / Michael Delorenzis / Michael Paynter
Publisher:        Mushroom Music

Most Performed Dance/Electronic Work 

Title:               Burn Dem Bridges
Artist:               Skin on Skin
Writers:            Emmanuel John / Mozis Aduu* / Jordan Bedeau / Micah Bedeau /
Konnan Maier-Kouame
Publisher:        Sony Music Publishing*

Title:               Miracle Maker
Artist:               Dom Dolla ft. Clementine Douglas
Writers:            Dominic Matheson / Kashif Adham* / Clementine Douglas^ / Caitlin Stubbs~
Publishers:       Sony Music Publishing / CAS Music* / Mushroom Music^ /
Sentric Music Publishing~

Title:               Never Let You Go
Artist:               Jason Derulo & Shouse
Writers:            Sean Congues / Jack Madin* / Edward Service* / Jason Desrouleaux^
Publishers:       Sentric Music Publishing / ONELOVE Publishing* / Universal Music Publishing^

Title:               Spend It
Artist:               Peking Duk ft. Circa Waves
Writers:            Jackson Brazier* / Adam Hyde^ / Samuel Littlemore~ /
Reuben Styles-Richards^ / Gustav Gaellhagen / Johan Gustafsson~ / Kieran Shudall+
Publishers:      Kobalt Music Publishing obo Dew Process* / BMG^ /
Universal Music Publishing~ / Sentric Music Publishing+

Title:               You Know What I Need
Artist:               PNAU & Troye Sivan
Writers:            Nick Littlemore / Samuel Littlemore / Peter Mayes / Troye Sivan* /
Styalz Fuego / Reuben Butler^ / Kevin Garrett* / Brett McLaughlin~
Publishers:       Universal Music Publishing / Universal/MCA Music Publishing* /
Sentric Music Publishing^ / Sony Music Publishing~

Most Performed Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Work 

Title:               60cm of Steel
Artist:               Alpha Wolf & Holding Absence
Writers:           John Arnold / Mitchell Fogarty / Lochlan Keogh / Sabian Lynch / Scott Simpson
Publisher:        Cooking Vinyl Publishing

Title:               Darker Still
Artist:               Parkway Drive
Writers:            Benjamin Gordon* / Luke Kilpatrick* / Jeffrey Ling* / Winston McCall* /
George Hadjichristou
Publisher:        Kobalt Music Publishing*

Title:               Dragon
Artist:               King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard
Writers:            Michael Cavanagh / Nicholas Craig / Ambrose Kenny-Smith /
Stu Mackenzie / Joey Walker
Publisher:        Kobalt Music Publishing

Title:               Inhumane
Artist:               Polaris
Writers:            Daniel Furnari* / Jamie Hails* / Rick Schneider* / Ryan Siew* /
Jacob Steinhauser* / Shawn Mayer
Publisher:        Kobalt Music Publishing*

Title:               It’s Hell Down Here
Artist:              The Amity Affliction
Writers:           Joel Birch / Daniel Brown / Ahren Stringer / Joseph Longobardi*
Publishers:      Concord ANZ / Kobalt Music Publishing*

Most Performed Hip Hop / Rap Work 

Title:               And We
Artist:              Hooligan Hefs
Writers:           Cooper Bedford / Simeona Malagamaalii* / Nepomsein Irakunda / Liridona Rusiti
Publisher:       Mushroom Music*

Title:               Bona
Artist:              Sampa the Great
Writers:           Sampa Tembo* / Magnus Mando / Samuel Masta / Sam Nyambe
Publisher:       Kobalt Music Publishing*

Title:               COMMA’S
Artist:               ONEFOUR ft. CG
Writers:            Spencer Magalogo* / Jerome Misa* / Salec Su’a* / Bailey Pickles /
Chandler Hammond / Hugo Hui / Caleb Tiedemann
Publisher:        Sony Music Publishing*

Title:               Laced Up
Artist:               Hilltop Hoods
Writers:            Barry Francis (DJ Debris)* / Matthew Lambert (Suffa)* / Daniel Smith (MC Pressure)* /
Andrew Burford / Marlon Gerbes^ / Chris Mac^ / Matiu Walters^
Publishers:      Sony Music Publishing* / Kobalt Music Publishing^

Title:               Ring-a-Ling
Artist:               Tkay Maidza
Writers:            Tkay Maidza* / Pa Salieu Gaye / Cassio Lopes^~ / Kendrick Nicholls^ /
Sherwyn Nicholls^ / Michael Oatman
Publishers:       Kobalt Music Publishing*~ / Mushroom Music^

Most Performed Pop Work 

Title:               How Do I Say Goodbye
Artist:              Dean Lewis
Writers:           Dean Lewis / Jon Hume*
Publishers:      Kobalt Music Publishing / Concord ANZ*

Title:               Only Wanna Be With You
Artist:              Amy Shark
Writers:           Amy Shark / Grant Averill / Joseph Spargur
Publisher:        Mushroom Music

Title:               LOVE AGAIN
Artist:               The Kid LAROI
Writers:            The Kid LAROI / Omer Fedi* / Billy Walsh* / Henry Walter*
Publishers:       Sony Music Publishing / Universal/MCA Music Publishing*

Title:               Ready For The Sky
Artist:               Budjerah
Writers:            Budjerah / Ainslie Wills*
Publishers:       Mushroom Music / Sony Music Publishing*

Title:               Therapy
Artist:               Budjerah
Writers:            Sarah Aarons / Ajay Bhattacharyya
Publisher:        Sony Music Publishing

Most Performed R&B / Soul Work 

Title:               Change Has To Come
Artist:               Mo’Ju
Writers:            Mojo Ruiz de Luzuriaga* / Lewis Coleman^ / Henry Jenkins
Publishers:      Universal Music Publishing* / Mushroom Music obo Ivy League Music^

Title:               Cinderella
Artist:              JKING
Writer:             Jordan Samatua

Title:               Falling
Artist:               Dean Brady
Writers:            Dean Brady* / Jacob Farah* / Jerome Farah* / Kara-Lee James /
Timothy Omaji / Rahel Phillips
Publisher:        Mushroom Music*

Title:               Goodbye
Artist:               Forest Claudette
Writers:            Kobe Hamilton-Reeves / Alexander Laska*
Publisher:        Concord ANZ*

Title:               Oceans of Emotions
Artist:               The Teskey Brothers
Writers:            Josh Teskey / Sam Teskey
Publishers:       Mushroom Music obo Ivy League Music

Most Performed Rock Work 

Title:               Good Time
Artist:               Polish Club
Writers:            David Novak / John-Henry Pajak / Robby De Sa
Publisher:        Sony Music Publishing

Title:               I Want You
Artist:               The Buoys
Writers:            Zoe Catterall / Courtney Cunningham / Hilary Geddes / Tessa Wilkin

Title:               Lookin’ Out
Artist:               King Stingray
Writers:            Theo Dimathaya Burarrwanga / Yimila Gurruwiwi / Roy Kellaway* /
Campbell Messer / Lewis Stiles / Yirrŋa Gotjiringu Yunupingu*
Publisher:        Sony Music Publishing*

Title:               Nullarbor Plain
Artist:               Ian Moss
Writers:            Ian Moss / Troy Cassar-Daley
Publisher:        Mushroom Music

Title:               Sorry Instead
Artist:               Spacey Jane
Writers:            Ashton Hardman-Le Cornu / Caleb Harper / Kieran Lama / Peppa Lane
Publisher:        Kobalt Music Publishing obo Dew Process

Most Performed International Work 

Title:               Anti-Hero
Artist:               Taylor Swift
Writers:            Taylor Swift / Jack Antonoff*
Publishers:       Universal/MCA Music Publishing / Sony Music Publishing*

Title:               Celestial
Artist:               Ed Sheeran
Writers:            Ed Sheeran / Johnny McDaid / Steve Mac*
Publishers:       Sony Music Publishing / Universal Music Publishing*

Title:               Flowers
Artist:               Miley Cyrus
Writers:            Miley Cyrus / Gregory Hein* / Michael Pollack^
Publishers:       Sony Music Publishing / Concord ANZ* / Warner Chappell Music^

Title:               I’m Good (Blue)
Artist:               David Guetta & Bebe Rexha
Writers:            David Guetta* / Bebe Rexha^ / Massimo Gabutti / Maurizio Lobina /
Philip Plested~ / Camille Purcelle~ / Gianfranco Randone
Publishers:       Origin Music Publishing & Peermusic* / BMG^ / Sony Music Publishing~

Title:               Unholy
Artist:               Sam Smith ft. Kim Petras
Writers:            Sam Smith / Kim Petras* / Omer Fedi^ / James Napier^ / Ilya Salmanzadeh /
Blake Slatkin^ / Henry Walter^
Publishers:       Warner Chappell Music / Kobalt Music Publishing* /
Universal/MCA Music Publishing^


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