Australian adtech firm iion launches ‘immersiion’ to reach audience segments across gaming sector

Iion, the Aussie-founded global adtech company that specialises in monetisation and advertising for gaming, today released immersiion, a self-serve advertising platform that’s purpose-built for the gaming ecosystem.

Immersiion said it’s the first platform that scales in-game advertising by enabling brands to find their target audience in all gaming environments. With immersiion, advertisers can select the right games to reach audiences, build and serve rich creative options that speak their customers’ language and deliver contextually relevant personalised messages.

Iion founders Sanjaya, Wout and Giuseppe.

The end result aims to be a fun experience for the brand’s audience to engage with advertising campaigns, without disrupting the gaming journey.

There’s ample evidence to show gaming is a booming industry, emerging as a dominant form of socialisation and recreation, attracting a diverse mix of ages and genders. According to an Entertainment Software Association (ESA) report, the average gamer’s age in 2022 is 31 years. The age group representing the highest number of players is between 18 and 34 years, coming in at 38%. Next on the list are those under 18, with 20%. And gamers older than 65 years comprise 7%, making them the least common age group. Interestingly, female gamers are on the rise, currently making up approximately 45% of the world’s gaming population.

According to the In-Game Advertising (IGA): Global Market Report 2022, video game usage has increased by 75% and demand for interactive games has also soared since the pandemic. Even more, nearly all game genres have seen a boost in revenue from in-game advertising over the last two years, and it’s predicted to increase further through 2027. Valued at AU$296 billion in 2021, the Gaming Market is expected to reach a value of AU$507.5 billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of 8.94% over 2022-2027.

While the IGA Global Market Report indicates there is no universally applicable formula for maximising IGA revenue, iion has responded with an innovative hybrid strategy. By combining ‘in-game, around-the-game and away-from-the-game gaming environments’ (the official gaming environments according to IAB), iion’s immersiion platform enables developers and advertisers to scale their mobile gaming revenue with a custom-fit approach.

  • In-game: Non-intrusive advertising solutions that blend in-game for an optimal gaming experience.
  • Around the game: Advertising opportunities are made available during a gaming experience, but not directly within the gameplay itself. Some examples of this include banners, interstitials, playable or rewarded videos.
  • Away from the game: Reaching gamers in the omnipresent ecosystem outside of gameplay where they consume gaming news, streaming and content marketing.

“For advertisers, the exponential rise in the gaming community represents a massive opportunity,” iion co-founder Giuseppe Martoriello said: “As the first-ever advertising platform that connects game publishers and brands through a holistic targeting experience within all IAB-defined gaming environments, immersiion provides brands with an entirely new channel that is comparable to online and TV – but more fun and innovative.”

“We’re excited that immersion is the first platform to really scale in-game advertising – where you can run innovative types of campaigns across Mobile, PC and Console Games with Display, Video and Audio formats.

“The latest research shows that gamers spend twice as much time watching intrinsic in-game ads than on other digital channels. Gaming viewers are in front of the screen with 100% attention on the screen. You won’t find that opportunity anywhere else in today’s digital environment.”

Game advertising platform immersiion:

  • Offers advertising solutions catered to the entire gaming ecosystem, including in-game ads at scale across mobile, PC, console, cloud and e-sports across display, video and audio formats
  • Is the only platform to target all three IAB gaming environments (in the game, around the game and away from the game)
  • Targets any audience segment + contextually relevant placement across those environments
  • Enables advertisers to create engaging standard, rich media and video creative ads seamlessly inside the same platform, A/B test creative
  • Provides near real-time reporting to measure reach and performance metrics and automatically blacklist individual games/apps/websites, if not hitting target metrics/parameters
  • Targets all 3 media types (display, audio and video) inside its holistic game-tech platform

With immersiion, there are no barriers to entry. The platform is purpose-built for gaming and gaming only, and advertisers and marketers can target inventory down to the ad-unit level.

iion co-founder Sanjaya Molligoda noted: “IGA is one of the most rapidly expanding fields of marketing today. It helps brands to communicate with their target market, building familiarity with those who play these games. And this growth rate is the direct result of the adoption of digital transformation technologies worldwide, the popularity of mobile gaming and increasing strategic alliances among game developers and advertisers.

“We are excited to debut immersiion to the market. It offers brands a new and exciting way to create meaningful connections, find their audience in all gaming environments, selects the right games to reach them, serve rich creative options to speak in their language and deliver the right message in the relevant context.”

iion co-founder Wout van Damme added: “Due to the crowded and complex nature of the gaming world and its position in this booming sector, brands need a solution that’s backed by significant experience and industry know-how to best navigate the dynamic gaming landscape.

“Brands need new innovative ways to connect with their target audience, beyond traditional media. Gaming is that new channel that helps advertisers and consumers to connect while the audience is wearing the gamers’ hat.”

“At iion, we understand these dynamics and don’t just connect brands to gamers, we connect them to their target audience when they are playing their favourite game and their focus and brand recollection is high. We also have a robust partner network to help move brands forward, supporting them every step of the way along their journey,” he said.

Founded in 2019, iion is committed to growth on the global stage while meeting the highest industry standards available, with trusted partners including, IAB, TAG and Pixalate. iion is a proud partner of gaming publishers like Games2win, Suji Games and Game Jam. Dedicated to taking responsibility for its impact on the environment, in 2022, iion partnered with trace to become carbon neutral and stays committed to the net-zero initiative.


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