‘Bondi biffo’ photographer among nominees for Walkley Awards

TeleThe photographer who captured the moment James Packer and David Gyngell had a dust up in a Bondi side street is among the nominees for this year’s Walkley Awards.

Brendan Beirne is nominated for the photographs which led to one of the most talked-about media stories of the year, while the ABC leads the pack for number of nominations courtesy of total domination in the radio category.

News Corp also scored ahead of rivals Fairfax in terms of numbers of nominations, while Sky News’ David Speers scored a nomination in the ‘Interview’ category for his interview with Attorney General George Brandis who struggled to explain what metadata is.

There were more than 1,400 entries across the categories this year for the 59th edition of the awards, with  advisory board chair Quentin Dempster saying:  “Journalism is changing through the digital revolution. Now the finest work can reach readers, listeners and viewers here and around the world in an instant.

“The 2014 Walkleys received a near-record number of entries, a testament to the standing of these awards in encouraging and recognising high standards in Australian journalism.

“As you’ll see when you look at the category short-listed nominees announced today, there is much inspiring, skilful, courageous and ground-breaking work on display.”

The awards take place on December 4.

The full list of nominees:

Print/Text News Report

Award partner Media Super

  • Paul Garvey, Hedley Thomas and Sarah Elks, The Australian, “Palmer used our cash for campaign” “Palmer signed contract restricting use of Citic funds to port operations” “Citic: Palmer plays politics card”
  • Paul Maley and Greg Bearup, The Australian, “That’s my boy: kids witness war’s horror”, “Plotter’s nephew in Syrian combat”, “Aussie fighters leading extremist PR: ASIO”
  • Nick McKenzie, Richard Baker and Marcus Strom, Fairfax Media, “Bribery, dirty deals rife in construction industry”, “Threat to kill whistleblower”, “Revealed: new union corruption”

All Media Social Equity Journalism

Award partner Seven Network

  • Caitlyn Gribbin, 7.30, ABC TV, “Who is Doctor Nitschke advising?”
  • Belinda Hawkins, Australian Story, ABC TV, “Searching for C11 Part One and Two”, “Breaking the Code”
  • Oliver Laughland and David Marr, Guardian Australia, “Doctors reveal ‘harmful’ standards of medical care for asylum seekers”, “Nauru detention: serious health risks to children revealed in confidential report”, “Australia’s detention regime sets out to make asylum seekers suffer, says chief immigration psychiatrist”

All Media Multimedia Storytelling

Award partner News Corp Australia

  • ABC Fact Check Team, ABC Fact Check, “Promise tracker: The Abbott Government’s 2013 election commitments”, “What is the Abbott Government’s record on promises?”, “Promise check: Repeal section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act”
  • SBS Online Team, SBS Online, “Cronulla Riots – The day that shocked the nation”
  • Sam Wallman, Nick Olle, Pat Grant, Pat Armstrong and Sam Bungey, The Global Mail, “At work inside our detention centres: A guard’s story”

Nikon-Walkley Photo of the Year

Award partner Nikon

  • Winner: Andrew Quilty, TIME LightBox, “Baby burns victim in Boost Hospital”

All Media Headline Journalism

  • Brad Clifton, The Daily Telegraph, “A halal-earned thirst impedes a big cold beer”, “Forgivings and a funeral”, “24 years of Meares demeanours”
  • Erik Jensen, The Saturday Paper, “You’re terrible, Muir et al…”, “Aiding and Abetzing”, “Budget’s lifting also separates”
  • Paul Whittaker, The Daily Telegraph, “Cardinal spin”, “The Grapes of Bof”, “Palmersnorus”

All Media Coverage of Indigenous Affairs

Award partner NITV

  • Paul Daley, Guardian Australia, “Why does the Australian War Memorial ignore frontier war?”, “The bone collectors: a brutal chapter in Australia’s past”, “Indigenous Australians in wartime: it’s time to tell the whole story”
  • NITV and Frontyard Films Team, NITV, “Innocence betrayed”, “Justice just us: Bowraville special”
  • Geoff Thompson, Karen Michelmore and Patricia Drum, Four Corners, ABC TV, “Little boy lost”

All Media Coverage of Community and Regional Affairs

Award partner Coles

  • Robert Dillon, Newcastle Herald, “Bank guarantee doubt clouds Knights ownership”, “Nathan Tinkler hands back Knights”, “Game over – How Tinkler lost the Knights”
  • Danny Lannen, Geelong Advertiser, “Heartbreaking end for deeply loved Leo”, “My Leo had a big heart”, “A soul destroying policy”
  • Ben Smee, NT News, “Mates rates”, “Bush rebels walk out”, “Cash for access”

All Media Sports Journalism

  • Wendy Carlisle, Background Briefing, Radio National ABC, “The concussion games”
  • Robert Dillon, Newcastle Herald, “Bank guarantee doubt clouds Knights ownership”, “Nathan Tinkler hands back Newcastle Knights”, “Game over – How Tinkler lost the Knights”
  • Chip Le Grand, The Australian/The Weekend Australian, “Inside the Essendon drugs scandal”

Sport Photography

Award partner Nikon

  • Brett Costello, The Daily Telegraph, “The drama of sport”
  • Phil Hillyard, The Daily Telegraph, “Tim Cahill, Midnight Celebration, Afternoon Footy, Long Legs, Dodgers Down Under”
  • Cameron Spencer, Getty Images, “H20 Action”

Radio News and Current Affairs Journalism

Award partner ABC

  • Matt Brown and Mark Solomons, AM/PM, ABC Radio, “Syria death”, “Bomber video”
  • Hayden Cooper, ABC Radio, “Journalism on trial”
  • Caitlyn Gribbin, AM/PM, ABC Radio, “Philip Nitschke accused of moving into uncharted territory”

Radio Documentary, Feature, Podcast or Special

Award partner QUT

  • Hagar Cohen, Chris Bullock, Linda McGinness and Anna Whitfeld, Background Briefing, ABC Radio National, “The secret life of Monica Chetty”
  • Sarah Dingle, AM and Background Briefing, ABC Radio, “The Salvos: A matter of trust”
  • Di Martin, Background Briefing, ABC Radio National, “The Mr Fluffy fiasco”

Feature Writing Long (over 4000 words)

Award partner Australia Post

  • Patrick Carlyon, Herald Sun, “Three hours later, it was gone…”
  • Malcolm Knox, The Monthly, “Duopoly money/Supermarket monsters”
  • Paul Toohey, Quarterly Essay, “That Sinking Feeling: Asylum seekers and the search for the Indonesian solution”

All Media Scoop of the Year

Award partner Nine Network

  • Michael Brissenden, Ewen MacAskill and Lenore Taylor, ABC News and Guardian Australia, “Australia’s spy agencies targeted Indonesian president’s mobile phone”
  • Paul Garvey, Hedley Thomas and Sarah Elks, The Australian, “Palmer used our cash for campaign”
  • Paul Maley and Greg Bearup, The Australian, “That’s my boy: kids witness war’s horror”

All Media Cartoon

Award partner Private Media

  • Lindsay Foyle, New Matilda, “Spot the difference”
  • David Pope, The Canberra Times, “A nation of lifters and leaners!”
  • Ron Tandberg, The Age, “Joe’s budget”

All Media Artwork

Award partner Epson

  • Sturt Krygsman, The Australian, “The prisoner of Congress”
  • Glen Le Lievre, The Sydney Morning Herald, “Breakfast at universities”
  • Eric Lobbecke, The Australian, “Chopper Joe Hockey”

All Media Coverage of a major news event or issue

Award partner APN

  • ABC News Team, ABC News Digital, ABC News, News 24 and ABC Radio News, “The downing of Flight MH17”
  • Matt Brown, Hayden Cooper, Aaron Hollett, Stewart Watt, Michael Carey and ABC News Team, ABC News Digital, ABC TV News and ABC Radio “Gaza Conflict”
  • Herald Sun Team, Herald Sun, “295 Dead”, “Murder in the sky”, “Our lost kids”, “Train of tears”, “Three hours later, it was gone…”

Feature Writing Short (under 4000 words)

Award partner Fairfax Media

  • Michael McKenna, Sarah Elks and Rosanne Barrett, The Australian, “The Mounties sting that lured a killer”
  • Ruth Pollard, Fairfax Media, “If this happened in Europe, the world would not be silent”
  • Luke Williams, The Saturday Paper, “Life as a crystal meth addict”

News Photography

Award partner Nikon

  • Brendan Beirne, News Corp Australia, “Bondi Biffo”
  • Craig Greenhill, The Daily Telegraph, “Roger Rogerson”
  • Peter Wallis, The Courier-Mail, “Gerard Baden-Clay”

All Media Business Journalism

Award partner ING Direct

  • Nabila Ahmed, Sue Mitchell and James Chessell, The Australian Financial Review, “Myer, DJs Merger proposed just before directors’ trade”, “DJs chairman must step down”, “Mason to purge DJs board”
  • Adele Ferguson and Ben Butler, Fairfax Media, “Macquarie Group financial planning scandal”, “Macquarie’s bombshell a call to arms”, “Cheating rife in financial planning”
  • Adele Ferguson, Deb Masters and Mario Christodoulou, Four Corners ABC TV and Fairfax Media, “Banking bad”, “Rollo Sherriff and Meridien Wealth”, “Misconduct claims widen in CBA’s planning scandal”

Feature/Photographic Essay

Award partner Nikon

  • Brendan Esposito, The Sydney Morning Herald, “Tacloban”
  • Eddie Jim, The Age, “Hayden”
  • Lisa Maree Williams, Getty Images, “Rio Station”

All Media International Journalism

  • Samantha Hawley, 7.30 ABC TV, “Baby Gammy – surrogate mother disputes parents claims, focuses attention on Thai baby-making industry”
  • Lindsay Murdoch, The Age, “Baby Gammy was left behind”
  • Peter Stefanovic, Nine News, Nine Network, “War in Gaza”

All Media Camerawork

Award partner Australian Super

  • Miles Bence, The Feed, SBS2, “The Last Man in Acland”, “Caught Inside”, “The Bee Keeper’s Son”
  • Ben Fogarty, 60 Minutes, Nine Network, “Father’s Day massacre”
  • Wayne McAllister, ABC News and Foreign Correspondent, ABC TV, “Loksi violent protest”, “Spratley Islands: reef madness”

TV/AV News Reporting

Award partner Lion

  • Matthew Brown and Mark Solomons, ABC News, “Syria death”, “Jihad middleman”, “Bomber video”
  • Samantha Hawley, ABC News, ABC TV, “Baby Gammy”
  • Daniel Oakes and Sam Clark, ABC News, ABC TV, “Children in care”

TV/AV Daily Current Affairs

Award partner SBS

  • Caitlyn Gribbin, 7.30, ABC TV, “Who is Doctor Nitschke advising?”
  • Nick McKenzie, Richard Baker and Sam Clark, 7.30, ABC TV, “State of the union”, “Jobs for the boys”
  • George Roberts, Mark Solomons, Lesley Robinson, Pru Kingsmill and Sally Neighbour, 7.30, ABC TV, “Operation Sovereign Borders”

TV/AV Weekly Current Affairs

Award partner ABC

  • Adele Ferguson, Deb Masters and Mario Christodoulou, Four Corners, ABC TV and Fairfax Media, “Banking bad”
  • Caro Meldrum-Hanna, Deb Masters and Connie Agius, Four Corners, ABC TV, “The Boy with the Henna Tattoo”
  • Michael Usher, Grace Tobin and Stephen Rice, 60 Minutes, Nine Network, “Murder at Murphy’s Creek”

All Media Investigative Journalism

Award partner Bayer

  • Adele Ferguson, Deb Masters and Mario Christodoulou, Four Corners, ABC TV and Fairfax Media, “Banking bad”, “Rollo Sherriff and Meridien Wealth: how a rock-solid institution backed impenitent maverick”, “Misconduct claims widen in CBA’s planning scandal”
  • John Lyons, Janine Cohen, Sylvie Le Clezio and Mary Fallon, Four Corners, ABC TV, and The Australian, “Stone cold justice”
  • Nick McKenzie and Richard Baker, Fairfax Media, “Terror touches down”, “Visa scam couple flee with $1.2million”, “Rogue operator”

All Media Interview

Award partner Network Ten

  • Ellen Fanning and David Hardaker, The Observer Effect, SBS, “Neutralising the noise – how Coles does business”
  • Sarah Ferguson, 7.30, ABC TV, “Joe Hockey”
  • David Speers, Sky News, “What is metadata?”

All Media Commentary, Analysis, Opinion and Critique

Award partner iSentia Media

  • Waleed Aly, Fairfax Media, “Brandis race hate laws are whiter than white”, “The logic of PNG policy is sanctioned horror”, “Deciding which deaths matter and which don’t”
  • Andrew Cornell, The Australian Financial Review, “Good ship Australia”, “Big change is on the horizon”, “Brave new world”
  • Andrew Rule, Herald Sun, “Mum’s courage and heartbreak”, “Nifty by name, and by nature”, “Carlyon’s life has been getting the story right”

Walkley Documentary Award

Award partner Linc Energy

  • Pat Fiske, Amin Palangi and Sanaz Fotouhi, Bower Bird Films, Love Marriage in Kabul
  • Dan Goldberg and Danny Ben-Moshe, Mint Pictures & Identity Films/ABC TV, Code of Silence
  • Sue Clothier and Jaya Balendra, Northern Pictures/SBS Online, Cronulla Riots: The Day that Shocked the Nation

Walkley Book Award Long List

Award partner Media Super

  • Paul Barry, Breaking News: Sex, Lies and the Murdoch Succession, Allen & Unwin
  • Matthew Condon, Jacks and Jokers, University of Queensland Press
  • Rafael Epstein, Prisoner X, Melbourne University Press
  • Sophie Cunningham, Warning: The Story of Cyclone Tracy, Text Publishing
  • Paul Kelly, Triumph and Demise: The Broken Promise of a Labor Generation, Melbourne University Press
  • Madonna King, Hockey: Not Your Average Joe, University of Queensland Press
  • David Marr, The Prince: Faith, Abuse and George Pell, Black Inc
  • Margaret Simons, Kerry Stokes: Self-made Man, Penguin
  • Clare Wright, The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka, Text Publishing

Nikon-Walkley Press Photographer of the Year

Award partner Nikon

  • Steve Pennells, Seven West Media
  • Andrew Quilty, Oculi
  • Lisa Maree Williams, Getty Images


Award partner Qantas

Most Outstanding Contribution to Journalism

Award partner Sky NEWS

Gold Walkley

Award partner MEAA

The awards are audited by BDO.


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