Gravox Gravy launches ‘save a seagull’ campaign

Seagulls have become a threatened species – because people are denying them a diet of chips covered with new Gravox gravy, according to a new campaign by 303Lowe.

To promote the famous gravy brand’s ‘best ever’ chip gravy, the campaign invites people to help stem ‘this impending natural disaster’ by adopting a Seagull via the Gravox Gravy Save a Seagull Facebook page.

The campaign features TV personality Greg Evans, talking about the ‘chip famine’ facing sea gulls.

The campaign also features a series of poster executions, one featuring a look-alike of U2 singer Bono.

“This category is very competitive with a lot of similar work. We wanted to do something that was more engaging and unexpected, yet still allowed us to show the product in all its glory,” said Simon Langley, ECD at 303Lowe. “The unintended consequence of a great tasting chip gravy is a potential seagull famine, so the responsible thing to do was create the Save Our Seagull foundation to help avert this tragedy”.



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