How people respond to brands in shopping centres

A study has found that people have a heightened emotional response to brands when they are in shopping centres.

The announcement:

SYDNEY – A new groundbreaking Neuro Imaging study conducted for the first time in the retail format, reveals strength of brands heightens in shopping centres.

The study will revolutionise the way advertisers think about retail media by capturing Shoppers’ emotional responses close to the point of purchase. It takes insights into Shopper behaviour one step further to discover their ideal neurostateTM and better understand the impact of advertising within Eye Shop centres. The project conducted by leading Out-of-Home media company EYE, represents another world first, and forms part of a global series followed by a UK study later in the year.

Conducted in conjunction with leading market research company Neuro-Insight, key findings include:

  • A brand’s salience grows by over 11% after just one shopping trip
  • The “magic moments” experienced throughout a shopping journey, means Shoppers are 32% more engaged and memory is stimulated more than average in an Eye Shop centre
  • Shoppers’ mindsets are unique and the excitement of going shopping improves brand strength by 13%
  • Brand salience shifts reveal that whilst brands Shoppers see in an Eye Shop centre strengthen, their competitors’ brands significantly weaken

Cassandra Thomas Smith – Global Insights Director, EYE says, “This is a very compelling story for advertisers as we now know what Shoppers think as well as what they say and how they behave. Showing us responses in the brain provides more complete and pure information on the ways in which Eye Shop advertising is effective for clients and gives us the context to understand how it works.”

Professor Richard Silberstein – CEO, Neuro-Insight comments, “It was extremely interesting to work with EYE to delve deeper into the ideal neurostateTM of Shoppers. The positive impact of advertising within an Out-of-Home environment, such as shopping centres, and the lift in salience for brands is an impressive outcome in an environment which is not consciously consumed.”

EYE will present findings to advertising agencies in Sydney this week.

Source: Eye Corp



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