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Let’s study stats with Campaign Brief

Being a big hearted member of the trade press community, Mumbrella is always happy to help out fellow competitors if they’re forgetful.

So Dr Mumbo is delighted to reach out the hand of friendship to Campaign Brief after an accidental oversight.

The weekend saw Campaign Brief publish data on online traffic for all the trade press. And it was good news:




Disappointing for Mumbrella, of course.

Wonder how Mumbrella did against CB? Oddly, reports Campaign Brief:


Odd, because, although AdNews and B&T indeed fail to audit,  Mumbrella does do so. And of course CB could have shared its own data anyhow, if it wished.

So let’s take a look at the audited numbers from Nielsen for August that Campaign Brief wasn’t able to find room for…




Still, it’s easy to be absent minded once in a while. Even if it is the fifth time this year that Campaign Brief has forgotten to include Mumbrella in its regular roundup.

So what else does CB have to say? Apparently:



That’s also disappointing for Mumbrella. Let’s see what the Campaign Brief Alexa chart has to say for itself. It’s bad news for AdNews and B&T. They barely seem to register on CB’s chosen first three metrics of time on site , page views and bounce rate. The only one they’re ahead is what some might see as the most important in the Alexa data of traffic rank:

cb alexa traffic rank

Even then, it’s all a bit head-to-head.

Again, somebody seems to have been forgotten though. Dr Mumbo wonders how that table would look with Mumbrella included?



Turquoise always was Dr Mumbo’s favourite colour.

Still, another oversight, Dr Mumbo is sure. But let’s give credit where, it’s due. CB has more good news for its readers:


cb_loyal band
Or, in fact, number 90, as is actually the case.



Which isn’t quite “in the top 40”.

Modesty forbids Dr Mumbo from making too much of Mumbrella’s rank.



So how on earth can CB have been so forgetful? Surely there couldn’t be some other tricky definition to justify not including Mumbrella in a ranking of trade marketing blogs?



Of course. Because when you’re examining blog traffic, why wouldn’t you only be interested in “those Australian sites that also produce print editions”? It certainly wouldn’t be as a means of trying to look like you’re doing better than you really are. That would be very cynical behaviour towards your readers, wouldn’t it?

Still, Dr Mumbo has more good news for CB to avoid this confusion in the future. Allow Mumbrella to introduce you to the Mumbrella Creative Agency Review. Print enough for ya?


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