Monkeys, Jay Grey and Eardrum pick up Radio Lions

A Three Drunk Monkeys ad for Ikea, produced by Eardrum, had the best Australian showing in the radio category at Cannes, picking up a Gold Lion.

The script:

TEACHER: Okay… Bradley, tell the class about your holidays.

BRADLEY: Yeah, it was really good. My dad built us a new f(BLEEP)ing kitchen. It’s got wooden f(BLEEP)k bench tops. And some stupid f(BLEEP)ing soft closing drawers. There’s a dishwasher, that was a real c(BLEEP), and even a f(BLEEP)ing breakfast bar. Mum thought Dad was a massive C(BLEEP) while he was building it.

VO: Get a kitchen installed without teaching your kids new words.  Visit We can plan, deliver and install the whole f(BLEEP)g thing for you

Meanwhile, Sydney’s Jay Grey won three silver lions for a campaign for the 4 Pines Brewing Company.

Completing the Australian radio winners, Eardrum won a bronze for its Strepsils campaign which saw actors ring a series of Sydney talk radio stations and pretend to have a cough before taking a lozenge to ease their voice.



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