Mumbrella360 video: Lessons From The World’s Best Ad Campaigns

In the lead-up to Mumbrella360 on June 7-9, we revisit highlights from last year’s event.

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Presentation: Lessons From The World’s Best Campaigns
Featuring: Edward Pank

In this presentation, digital marketing specialist Edward Pank takes us through the top 5 ad campaigns as rated by the WARC – World Advertising Research Centre – home to 9,500 case studies – and what made them so successful across all measurement categories.


  • 0:00 Introduction to World’s Best Campaigns by Ed Pank
  • 2:15 Starting at the end: today’s key takeaways
  • 4:38 Number of channels per campaign = 7.4 Warc 100; overall 6.5
  • 6:30 Mercedes-Benz A Class #YouDrive social campaign had ROI of 9:1 [case study]
  • 11:25 Mobile does not over-index on the Warc 100
  • 12:08 Bentley Burial: Leo Burnett Brazil ad earned $22m media campaign
  • 16:00 Campaign durations: are they effective if run for less time?
  • 17:00 The most common budget is 500,000 Pounds; let’s look at ‘no budget’
  • 18:00 Emotion, storytelling and humour are  the most effective creative approaches
  • 19:00 Visit Mum: British Airways campaign [case study]
  • 21:00 Visit Mum became the most shared story in Britain; increased airfares from UK to India by 65%
  • 22:30 Proof that emotion sells; digital amplification boosts figures
  • 23:00  Warc 100 – 1.5 business metrics used in over-indexing
  • 24:24 Hard metrics are the critical factor in campaigns that do well
  • 25:00 Ship my Pants: KMart [case study] example of a campaign using hard and soft metrics
  • 27:00 Letting the market know about the service via KMart YouTube channel (only)  [full ad]
  • 27:50 The social, broadcast and earned media response
  • 29:30 [infographic] Ad spend around the world compared with how well ad campaigns are doing
  • 31:27 Top 10 campaigns – Warc 100 result: APAC [infographic]
  • 31:45 Top 10 creative agencies, media agencies and digital agencies – Warc 100: Global [infographic]
  • 32:30 Top 10 brands and advertisers: Global and APAC [infographic]
  • 33:00 The number #1 campaign overall: Kan Khajura Tesan, India [case study]
  • 34:40 Target market: 130 million people without power; 65% of population has access to mobile phones
  • 36:00 Kan Khajura Tesan a perfect example of “frugal innovation”
  • 38:00 “Building a culture of effectiveness”: up-skilling, diversification, storytelling; “passing to the right”
  • 39:40 Match your objectives to the metrics and document the campaign while it is live
  • 40:00 presentation concludes


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