Latest crowdsourcing startup targets agencies with jingle writing needs



New crowdsourcing custom music and sound design platform is looking to advertising agencies to come on board to use the tool to create bespoke music and sound design for their small to medium sized campaigns.

The platform, which has launched in the last few months, hosts between 600 and 700 composers and audio producers waiting to compete on briefs on a variety of sound projects, from advertising, to apps to jingles to theme songs for TV or films.

Founder Evan Buist told Mumbrella:  “The idea is rather then hiring one composer or sound designer before hearing what they can do, you can simultaneously brief hundreds of composers around the world all with different music skills and specialities and then receive a whole different creative interpretations of that brief.

“You then interact with the composers and you can request changes as needed then when you get the best one and you award that as the winner.

“We’re really hoping agencies will get on board and use it for their small to medium campaigns because it’s the kind of thing they could use again and again and it’s a way they could get a whole lot of different creative interpretations,” he said when quizzed on the platform’s target market.

It would set an agency back $89 to list a contest, with then taking 10 per cent of the agreed upon fee between the composer and the agency, Buist explained.

“There are a couple of extra fees if you want to upgrade the contest to private so our artists have to sign a non-disclosure agreement and it’s not listed on Google searches,” he added.

Buist said the platform did take inspiration from the likes of 99 Designs and Designworld which crowdsource design solutions.

“The equivalent thing in the design world that’s been going on for several years was a bit of the inspiration behind it. We had a close look at their structures, we are set up in a very similar way,” he said.

Miranda Ward



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