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Rudd’s T-shirt pitch

kevin rudd facebook T-shirtsWhile Dr Mumbo is glad that user generated content brand contests finally seem to be going out of fashion, this one might just be of interest for designers who want to get their work seen.

Remember the Kevin 07 T-shirts?

The former PM is running a competition to design a T-shirt for his relection battle for his local seat.

He writes on Facebook:


As you probably know – I am pretty dedicated to good fashion.

But when it comes to campaign election t-shirts, they can be a little… boring.

So it is over to you. If you can come up with a better design – I’ll use it.

The rules are simple: the t-shirt has to say “Kevin Rudd”, the shirt will be white, and I get to pick the winner.

If you have a design – email it to KRuddTShirt@gmail.com – get them in by 9 November 2012.

There’s no prize – apart from my never-ending appreciation and the satisfaction that there will be 100’s of people wearing your design. (more detail available here http://www.kevinruddmp.com/2012/10/design-krudd-tshirt.html )

Looking forward to seeing what the creative people of Griffith (and across Australia) have to offer.


Dr Mumbo looks forward to watching the results.



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