Saltmine Design Group re-imagines Angostura’s soft drink range

The re-invigorated Angostura Lemon, Lime and Bitters packaged range from Saltmine Design Group are available in stores now.

The announcement:

Saltmine Design Group has re-invigorated the Angostura Lemon, Lime and Bitters packaged range, creating a refreshing at-home experience for consumers, with the new-look packs available in store now.

Saltmine was briefed by The island2island Beverage Company, to further contemporise the range of the much-loved Angostura Lemon, Lime & Bitters and to increase on-shelf standout in an increasingly cluttered adult soft drink segment. The new design effectively communicates that the bottled version is made from the same, authentic Angostura Bitters as is used at the bar –effectively bringing the bar experience into your home.

The island2island Beverage Company Marketing Manager Nathan Forde, says, “The redesign for our Angostura Lemon, Lime and Bitters range has a modern look whilst staying true to the heritage of the Angostura brand. The contemporary design conveys to consumers that the Angostura Lemon, Lime and Bitters bar experience can be enjoyed at home in a convenient format without compromising taste”.

Having previously worked with the Angostura brand, Saltmine is well versed in the importance of communicating the heritage of the brand and its rich history.
With this in mind, visual cues of fresh lemon and limes alongside the iconic Angostura Bitters bottle with its oversized label were brought forward on the design and alongside an image of the refreshing beverage in a glass, to further increase links to the bar experience.

Saltmine remained true to the existing Angostura logo for brand relevance but opted for a change from its traditional salmon-pink shade to dark blue to increase its impact on pack. The hand-illustrated trademark stamp is now positioned above the brand mark in order to elevate its importance on pack and enhance the authenticity cues.

Highlighting that Angostura is a brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously, Saltmine included phonetic spelling of the often mispronounced ‘Ang-os-tu-ra’ on the back of the multipack wrap and cartons and provided links to the brand’s Facebook page, to drive consumers to engage with the brand via social media.

Forde concludes, “Saltmine Design Group was our first choice for the job following the award-nominated design and first evolution of the range back in 2010. Resulting in a strong brand consistency with the bar experience which brings to life the product on pack and creates an eye-catching visual pattern when
merchandised on-shelf. Once again, we are ecstatic with the end result.”

Source: Zing Australia media release



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