Spreets removes skinny image used in ‘Like slim?’ promotion

Spreets anorexiaGroup buying site Spreets has removed an image of an exceptionally skinny model it was using to promote a weight loss product. Many of those criticising the image – whose complaints have been deleted from the brand’s Facebook page – suggested that the image had been heavily Photoshopped to make the model appear thinner.

The criticisms challenged the authenticity of the image, questioning whether the product – which offers a ten day pack of “fat burning capsules” would work and too Spreets to task over its image choice. Spreets said that it had not deliberately removed the comments.

spreets facebook

Comments deleted from the Spreets Facebook page

The Facebook post was removed and replaced with another image featuring a toned female stomach wrapped in a tape measure. It did not directly acknowledge the criticism which had appeared on the previous post, simply saying: “Hi guys, thanks for your feedback”.

The promotion is no longer headed “Like slim?”.

Spreets is the latest in a long run of brands to fall foul of a social media backlash in recent weeks. Deleting criticism is often seen as the wrong approach in social media. The removal of criticism from a grieving mother on the Seven News Facebook page took the network into a worst PR problem than it was already having.

The new Spreets image:

spreets slim image

A spokesperson for Yahoo!7, which owns Spreets, told Mumbrella” When we got feedback from the Facebook community that the image was inappropriate we acted and took it down. Because it was posted as a photo, the comments were attached to it to and came down too. We did not purposefully remove them.”



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