Starlight Foundation creates new branding for Healthier Future Initiative

Starlight Children’s Foundation has revamped its branding for its Healthier Future Initiative to reflect its involvement with Indigenous communities.

As part of National Reconciliation Week, the foundation worked with Gilimbaa to create a logo reflective of its partnerships with health professionals and clinics in remote Indigenous communities.

The Starlight Story full artwork

Melissa Gamble, national marketing and communications manager of Starlight, said in a statement: “The new creative identity brings to life Starlight’s organisational story and is a celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and the importance of health and development of children throughout Australia.

“Assets include the Healthier Futures Initiative logo, the Starlight Story artwork motif and a series of culturally appropriate brand treatments.”

The new logo of Starlight Healthier Futures Initiative logo

Amanda Lear, co-founder and managing director of Gilimbaa, said: “The shooting star at the core of the artwork represents Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and all Australian children and young people radiating positivity and resilience through the use of vibrant colours and pattern reflective of both cultures.

“Surrounding the shooting star are all the people who have an equal and important role to play in helping the child achieve their best. Everybody involved is there to support each other as well as the child.

“The background represents star dust coming off the shooting star, which symbolises how a child who is happy has a positive effect on all those around.”



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