Dr Mumbo

Tabloid fare: Penbo, Twitter, kebabs and donuts

Dr Mumbo is delighted to see that David Penberthy has today gone through that columnist rite-of-passage of writing about his indoctrination into Twitter. Penbo tells Daily Telegraph readers:  

“Like so many other desperate middle-aged try-hards, I’ve just opened a Twitter account.”

And the man who will soon launch comment-and-politics site ThePunch explains it rather well: “At its worst, it displays all the inane self-absorbtion (and woeful grammar) that might be the defining feature of our times – mmmm i’m luvin this cinnamon donut!!!1!!”

And his most recent tweet this morning?

“chilli and garlic. MMMMmmmmm. They run a tight kebabbery those boys at Safiyah on Enmore Rd.”

If you can’t beat them…



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