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The type of domestic violence you can still joke about on Australian television

sylvia jeffreys, brendan jones, mel greig, mixed grill, knock around

Jeffreys, right: ‘She might knock him around’

While 2015 may have been the year that the Australian media finally got the message about abuse towards women, domestic violence towards men was still a laughing matter for Nine’s Today show this morning.

Discussing a man who had sent a cheeky WhatsApp group text to four of his ex-girlfriends, presenter Sylvia Jeffreys suggested he deserved to be “knocked around” by one of them.

The Mixed Grill segment, which also featured radio presenters Mel Greig and Brendan Jones, discussed a Brit who scored a drink with a former girlfriend called Gemma after starting the provocative “Merry Ex-mas” chat.

Referring to an earlier conversation, co-host Tim McMillan suggested: “He might be a cage fighter.”

Jeffreys responded: “Hopefully Gemma is. Because she might knock him around a bit.”

Lucky that domestic violence against men is still funny, huh?



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