Time for a little less conversation. If you could ChangeOneThing about media what would it be?

PHDChrisStephensonIn this guest post PHD’s Chris Stephenson invites the media industry to participate in the ChangeOneThing Mumbrella360 session.

It has been over nine months since as an industry we debated and created a Manifesto for change at the first Mumbrella360.

Together we wrote and agreed on 34 articles of belief; from the elegant (‘We believe measurement should move from opportunity to see to opportunity to influence’) to the cathartic (‘We believe that no one enjoys pitches’).

In the last nine months we’ve been asked on more than a few occasions whatever happened to the Manifesto?   

Mumbrella360ManifestoOur answer is that we hope that it is living and breathing … it was never imagined, nor I think created, as a stick to collectively beat ourselves with. Rather it was about having a conversation and debate that we too rarely have, and if even a few of the articles of belief have changed even a couple of things in an organisation or two, then the Manifesto has – and continues – to do its job.

We noted at the time however that the Manifesto’s articles were not the end but the start of a journey, and that we hoped the debate and agenda would continue to evolve.

Each week brings new reminders of just how much and how quickly our world is changing. Much has changed, but much more hasn’t… and that’s why at this year’s Mumbrella360 we will once again invite the industry to debate change.

But this time there is no wish list.

This time there’s no comprehensive list of what we believe.

That already exists (and you can read it here).

This time we get real.

This time we have one debate.

This time we make one decision.

This time we decide on one thing.

And we change it.


ChangeOneThing m360 logo

What we decide to change, is up to us …

Between now and Mumbrella360 we’re asking a simple question of anyone and everyone who works in our industry: if you could change one thing, what would you change and why?

Think about it. On those Sunday nights when you’re anticipating your week, in a Groundhog Day-inspired presentation, in a WIP or pitch or punt, or at the end of an evening of beers at the Beresford with your colleagues – what one thing do you wish you could change?

How we resource and are resourced? How we’re remunerated? How we plan? Or buy? Or invest? Our tools and systems? Our infrastructure? How we measure what we do? How we learn from our mistakes or celebrate our successes?

What’s your OneThing?

Over the next ten weeks we’ll be inviting you to share and debate your OneThings, so that by the time we reach M360 in June we have a shortlist – which is where its going to get interesting… because the session in June won’t be about WHAT we change, but HOW we change it. A little less conversation, as someone once suggested, and a little more action…

In June’s session you’ll be invited to join a ‘lobby group’ for the OneThing that you personally would most like to see changed. If, for example, you want to see the key media industry metric move from ‘opportunity to see’ to ‘opportunity to influence’ then you join that lobby group. If however you would rather see the industry change to establish a new pitch process to identify the right people and the right ideas for the business, you join that one.

The point is that the debate isn’t about WHAT we change, but HOW we change it.

We’ll be developing some interesting forums for the suggestions and debate, but for now there’s only one question … let’s start with some answers on a postcard to the below comment thread: In this crazy changing awesome industry in which we work, what OneThing would you like to change, and why?

  • Chris Stephenson is the strategy director of media agency PHD and the curator of Change One Thing at Mumbrella360. Over the coming days we will be announcing details of the event’s industry curated sessions. Early bird tickets for the confernece are on sale now

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