Town of Speed to be renamed SpeedKills in safety campaign

speedkills facebookVictoria’s Transport Accident Commission has today launched a social media campaign which will see the 45 residents of Speed in Victoria rename their township SpeedKills if they get 10,000 ‘Likes’ on Facebook.

In return the TAC will donate $10,000 to the Speed Lions Club.

The idea for the campaign came when John Thompson, TAC’s senior manager for road safety and marketing, drove through the the Mallee township on the way to a focus group in Mildura.

TAC’s acting CEO Phil Reed said that the new campaign signalled a move of focus from drink driving to rural speed deaths.

He said: “As a community we have made drink driving the most socially unacceptable behavior, now it is time for speeding to be made just as unacceptable.”

The idea was developed by TAC’s marketing team with help from Naked Communications.

At the time of posting, the Rename Speed Facebook page has already received nearly 1000 likes

At the end of the campaign, the town will return to its original name.



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