3000 women Run the Night at Nike’s first Australian event

She Runs The NightNike held its first She Runs the Night female-only running event in Australia last night in Sydney’s Centennial Park.

Over 3000 women took part in the event, which is part of an ongoing initiative intended to give women a supportive community and safe ways of running after dark with branded running clubs and events.

The event cost $80 to attend and participants received a Nike running shirt as part of the entry package.

The event was MC’d by The Voice host Darren McMullen.

Juliana Nguyen, marketing director of Nike Pacific told Mumbrella: “We wanted to create an event that had never been done before, to empower and encourage women to run, an event for women to challenge women who run regularly as well as to inspire women who were running for the first time.”

The local iteration of the global initiative has been created by Us Sydney.

The event was held in Centennial Park after council restrictions and road closures meant locations such as Redfern proved logistically difficult.

Sports supplement brand Musashi was an event partner, but Nguyen said while Nike was open to future new partnerships, “we want to keep it tight, we don’t want it to become a corporatised event.”

The event is “absolutely not a one-off” and will be repeated next year, with the Facebook community and continued running club events to be held across Australia. Nike’s Facebook community in Australia stands at over 600,000 fans. “We’re not about building community numbers,” said Nguyen, “we’re about listening to the community and working to expand the event to the other states.”


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  1. Andrew
    4 May 12
    1:56 pm

  2. hadn’t seen anything around this until just now – great concept

  3. GC
    4 May 12
    2:03 pm

  4. Go Us Sydney. This event added another half hour to the drive home in Cent Park but I didn’t care it looked awesome.

  5. No Bloody Way
    4 May 12
    2:13 pm

  6. Was there a sale at the end?

  7. Lea
    4 May 12
    2:25 pm

  8. I would have liked to participate as I think it is a great concept however heard nothing of it until now.

  9. Lynne
    4 May 12
    2:37 pm

  10. An amazing event – professional, inspiring and very cool! Great to be part of and very impressive to see as a marketing professional.

  11. justine
    4 May 12
    2:40 pm

  12. It was a brilliantly organised and executed event. An absolute credit to the event managers and well worth the entry fee. Hopefully we will see more of this type of event in Sydney.

  13. Anonymous
    4 May 12
    2:52 pm

  14. The outdoor ads were all over Sydney for months …
    An awesome campaign, and an even more awesome event.

  15. Bec
    4 May 12
    2:55 pm

  16. Great concept. And I hear, wonderfully executed.
    But as a consumer, a monster brand like NIKE should be donating proceeds to charity. The $80 per participant going into the deep pockets of NIKE doesn’t sit right with me. Would have been an even better PR story if some of the proceeds went towards a charity around women’s safety. Leaves a sour taste for me.

  17. Lisa
    4 May 12
    2:57 pm

  18. It was a great event, so much more than a running race. And hilarious for it not to be a ‘corporatised event’ – it was one massive branding campaign (which I’d normally be weary of) but it was class so well done Nike.

  19. Chris
    4 May 12
    3:08 pm

  20. Fantastic work Nike and Us Sydney! Have heard many positive comments around the office today.

  21. paul
    4 May 12
    3:18 pm

  22. Why do Nike have to give the money to charity for the sake of PR? Surely that defeats the purpose of giving money to charity…Then you’d have the cynics saying it’s just for PR

  23. Adrienne
    4 May 12
    3:24 pm

  24. It was a great event. Very well organised and advertised quite widely on bus shelters, posters all around town etc. I only paid $65 so not sure what the $80 was for. It was a positive event and I really enjoyed getting to run at night – which I never do in my area because it’s not safe.

  25. Bec
    4 May 12
    3:38 pm

  26. My PR comment was that it would still be would be worthwhile for Nike. They make so much money. $65 or $80pp, whatever – the event is about keeping women safe. There are many global charities about exactly that. A charity alignment could have made a Nike buyer out of me.

  27. Fee
    4 May 12
    3:51 pm

  28. I ran the night… and loved it! This was one of the best organised, professional and most enjoyable running events I’ve done. From the small touches of free hairbands, lipbalms and glo-sticks, to the outdoor djs and fire and light shows it made an otherwise gruelling chore into a thoroughly enjoyable jog! Well done Nike!

  29. Daisy
    4 May 12
    3:55 pm

  30. @Bec, yes, I agree. I’m sure it was a great event, but it would be nice to know how exactly how that $80 (or $65 – I was quoted $80 when I tried to enter, at which point I pulled out) was spent. I’m sure there were costs involved in staging the run, it would be interesting to find out exactly how much went into Nike’s pockets.

  31. Equality
    4 May 12
    6:02 pm

  32. Did Nike get a exemption from the Anti-Discrimination Board or does it just discriminate based on gender by barring males from running in the event?

    I find it hard to believe women would not be safe if they were in a fun run including men, but ultimately, the law is the law and surely Nike has broken it?

    I look forward to the men only run Nike is no doubt planning..

  33. Amanda Lavis
    4 May 12
    6:27 pm

  34. Who is that slamming hottie in the photo at the bottom of the page? Sure hope Nike is giving her some coin

  35. Chilloutpeeps!
    5 May 12
    9:53 am

  36. I ran the event and it was indeed a fantastic night, very well organised and different to any other run i’ve ever done. I paid $80 (the lower price was for early birds), and thought $80 was quite a lot but in the end well worth it for an amazing night, nike running shirt, great music, and a few freebies, and an atmosphere that motivated me to run my fastest ever. You get what you pay for i suppose – and thankfully, here you paid more and you went home feeling you got more. I havent heard a single complaint from anyone who ran the race, everyone is still buzzing from how great the night was. In terms of what Nike does with that money – yeah it’d definitely be nice to donate to charity, but i don’t think there’s any reason to get antsy about it not being done. And re: discrimination for women’s only, i’m sorry but i think complaining about that is a bit over the top – i think half the fun of the night for the 3000 chicks there was the fact that it was a women’s event where we could celebrate being chicks all having fun together…there’s something in that feeling that just can’t be explained.

  37. fraser
    6 May 12
    2:21 pm

  38. Great work, now thats what I call experiential marketing, 3000 engaged participants with ‘no product flog’ and they pay to attend. Makes the product events at Martin Place seem lame and a total waste of a budget.

  39. mimi
    7 May 12
    10:22 am

  40. Why did they use a bloke to MC… if this was an event celebrating women??? SURELY someone else could have done it??? I don’t see any correlation between Darren McMullen, running…or women????

  41. Darren McMullen
    7 May 12
    4:21 pm

  42. Obviously I was chosen because women love me

  43. Di
    9 May 12
    7:30 pm

  44. Equality what are you talking about??? Keep it men only! If you want one for men organise it! Women are NOT safe running at night, so personally I don’t want a mixed event.

  45. for goodness sake
    17 May 12
    10:49 am

  46. Groooan Equality, 4 May 12 6:02 pm, way to miss the point.