The Australian takes on the ‘dazzle’ of Twitter

Dr Mumbo loves a good editorial by The Australian and today’s efforts denouncing The Guardian, the ABC, Fairfax, Twitter and more generally “the interweb” deserves some acknowledgment.

Personally, Dr Mumbo can’t get past the paragraph which denounces not only Twitter but the scourge of “web-first publishing.”

“Yet that can’t be said of all media outlets, especially when seasoned journalists are being traded for ones unable to see beyond the dazzle of the instantaneous fix of Twitter or web-first publishing,” write The Australian.

Unsurprisingly the piece has caused a stir in the Twittersphere. Here are some of Dr Mumbo’s favourite tweets: 

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  1. Classic
    4 Dec 13
    12:45 pm

  2. yes, this is seriously strange.

    I can’t understand why they’d be picking this fight….well, I guess I can being grumpy ‘traditional’ media and all, but why would you blatantly spout something so backwards.

  3. Ben
    4 Dec 13
    1:49 pm

  4. Footnote:

    *Rupert asked me to write this

  5. Sue Donovan
    4 Dec 13
    1:55 pm

  6. Bronwyn Bishop, Cory Bernardi, and now The Australian. I would have thought the Australian was on a higher intellectual plane, but they have become a laughing stock.

  7. Andrew
    4 Dec 13
    2:51 pm

  8. “No wonder Fairfax Media editors have lost touch with loyal readers” — so how loyal are readers to the Herald Sun or Australian these days? For many years I was a regular reader of both. But since News has upped the ante on providing political coverage that can be described only as parody, and the Australian’s obsession with bagging the ABC, I see no reason why I should support their ventures.

    So now the only time I might read a News Ltd rag is reading the tatty old copies left at the fish and chip shop while waiting for my flake and dim sims. I can see I’ve not been missing much.

  9. offal spokesperson
    4 Dec 13
    3:35 pm

  10. Would the last one out switch off the lights.

  11. Appropriate
    4 Dec 13
    4:02 pm

  12. How embarrasment
    4 Dec 13
    9:18 pm

  13. This is seriously scary. Them at The Oz have totally lost the plot. This got published? As an editorial? SCHEEEZE!

  14. Not a sheep
    4 Dec 13
    10:10 pm

  15. Is anyone truly surprised? There is not an inch of credibility in any of Murdoch’s rags in Australia, that Ladies and Gents is a fact.

    Imagine the bureaucracy at News Ltd. Even if you are a credible employee, with idea’s and smarts, how on earth do you invent when the ivory tower oversees, hinders and paves it’s right wing agenda? The environment there must be awful, or full of robots or ditzies.

    I haven’t bought a Murdoch rag for years and will never buy one again, nor browse their sensationalised, clap trap, online fodder.

  16. Jane
    5 Dec 13
    2:15 pm

  17. Every word drips with desperation. Three levels, journo, editor and publisher and not one thought to jump ship with this? A melting pot of stupidity doled out with mediocrity and a generous helping of hypocrisy.

  18. RedSheep
    5 Dec 13
    4:01 pm

  19. Storyteller
    5 Dec 13
    5:45 pm

  20. It suddenly dawned me! The reason we have the most ignorant government in modern Australian history is that our Prime Minister, his cabinet and advisers don’t watch or listen to the ABC or SBS.Perhaps a dose of Lateline, Foreign Correspondent, Four Corners, Asia Pacific et al would enlighten them on the rest of the world.
    One of the real dangers is that the ABC will fall into self censorship, and avoid controversial subjects.
    Of course the coalition’s paranoia will have been fueled by the Keating series, which love him or hate him, revealed a highly intelligent, economically literate, and above all, articulate, leader

  21. uber66
    9 Dec 13
    4:54 pm

  22. Last time I looked the ABC was at Southbank, not Docklands – how’s that for being “blessed” with quality writers