Bread goes free range in new campaign for Abbotts Village Bakery

Abbotts Village BreadA campaign touting ‘free range bread’ has launched for a bakery brand that is pushing the health benefits of its product.

The new campaign for Abbotts Village Bakery brand takes place in an Australian paddock with loaves of bread as free range farm animals; free of artificial colours, flavours and e-numbers.

The campaign was created by BMF for the George Weston Foods brand and will run across TV with a 45 and 30 second ad, press, social media and out of home advertising from March 3. Carat is handling media planning

Graeme Cutler, marketing director for GWF said: “We needed to tell the Abbott’s Village Bakery story in a unique way. BMF solved that for us with the free range concept.  We are very pleased with the result.”

Creative director for BMF, Justin Ruben said: “Abbott’s Village Bakery bread is raised with love and care, using only carefully selected ingredients and no hidden additives. Knowing this, we concluded that it was essentially free range. And the campaign was born.”


  1. Terry Webb
    26 Feb 13
    2:05 pm

  2. Love it. Engaging, fun and well produced. Lovely work.

  3. JG
    26 Feb 13
    2:30 pm

  4. So the bread is raised with love and care … and more than a dollop of horse-shit methinks.

  5. Anonymous
    26 Feb 13
    5:00 pm

  6. Original – Yes. But also strangely disturbing.

  7. graham smith
    6 Mar 13
    4:27 pm

  8. dear gwf,this is lovely countryside,can you please tell me where it is?thanks.graham