CommBank introduces viewers to C, A and N

CANCommBank has created a series of online vignettes featuring the C, A and N characters at the centre of its ‘Can’ repositioning.

The CAN three characters have already appeared in a commercial featuring swimmer James Magnussen and will be used by CommBank as part of its Olympic sponsorship.

As Mumbrella reported this week, the Advertising Standards Board dismissed a complaint over C, A and N allowing the letter T to fall off a cliff.

CommBank’s Can positioning was created by M&C Saatchi and launched in May.


  1. AdGrunt
    25 Jul 12
    2:25 pm

  2. What a total load of CRAP from M&C Saatchi. Is this the best they can do for a bank???

  3. Groucho
    25 Jul 12
    3:11 pm

  4. They got 3 of the letters right.

  5. C-Bank
    25 Jul 12
    3:50 pm

  6. I thought this had been done already… But different spelling.

  7. Flood couple
    25 Jul 12
    4:12 pm

  8. I’m sure these guys get a good laugh out of these. Good one C-BANK

  9. Trevor
    25 Jul 12
    5:57 pm

  10. Better than all that usual earnest shit that gets trotted out every 4 years.

  11. Simonsays
    25 Jul 12
    6:37 pm

  12. Christ, whatever you do, don’t dare to be different.
    I think they’re cute.

  13. Kevin Ferry
    25 Jul 12
    6:42 pm

  14. I’m all for people dressed in silly costumes just look at Wilfred the bloke in the dog suit and in this instance using the CAN letters should be acknowledged as great branding for Comm Bank but this is as flat as the Thames in regards to humour. This work looks like they will struggle in the digital space. Sad really as I do like the ‘CAN’ campaign but it needs to be taken further than when they first launched.

  15. Vitriole Vacuum
    25 Jul 12
    7:44 pm

  16. i actually think it’s fun and refreshing.
    shoot me.
    with that gun you eat for breakie, you Negative Nancies.

  17. Michael
    25 Jul 12
    8:51 pm

  18. Can they be the cheapest home loan lender in the country? no they CAN’T

  19. Defunct
    25 Jul 12
    9:26 pm

  20. Don’t blame M&C for this. I have no doubt they’re all cringing as much as the rest of us. This work has the hand (nay fist) of the client right up the back side of it.

  21. CJ
    26 Jul 12
    9:41 pm

  22. The CAN is cute but so many executions all over the place. These are abit wana-be funny doesn’t hit the mark with me, just fluff.

  23. Nicole
    30 Jul 12
    7:19 pm

  24. This ‘CAN’ campaign was launched in conjunction with an epic PR fail in London, evidencing the bank’s whim to appease domestic customers with a total disregard for their young professional expat customer base overseas.

    Last week’s Guiness World Record attempt in Clapham displayed total disregard for thousands of Australians through poor organisation and security, misinformation and inability of the brand to respond to the 2,000 who were turned away at the gates of the venue. The bank provided a poor social media response, and made it clear they were interested only in Today Show coverage, rather than good CSR or customer engagement.

    Wimbledon, Glastonbury and event promoters across the UK get this right, every time – even for free events in high demand and those where people simply miss out. It’s about setting expectations and not taking your core demographic for granted in a cheap bid for Channel 9 coverage, a Green And Gold rent-a-crowd, or column inches in the Australian Times.

    It’s not good enough to purport to be a wholesome Australian brand in Australia, and take your global expat audience for a ride. After all, we’ll all be home one day – and we won’t be banking with CommBank.

  25. Investor
    30 Jul 12
    9:12 pm

  26. @ Michael of comment 9:

    Can they offer the best interest rate to savers in the country? no they CAN’T