Cricket Australia considers reality TV show to find new talent

Cricket Australia is believed to be considering the creation of a reality TV show to find new spins stars.  

Belinda Clark, CEO of Australian Centre of Excellence and John Davison, COE spin bowling coach, have completed a recommendation paper for Cricket Australia outlining ideas on how to find new slow bowlers, according to reports.

Many of the recommendations came from a conference held in Brisbane which discussed the future of slow bowling.

One of the suggestions at the meeting was the possibility of creating an Australian Idol-style TV show where young hopefuls would have to audition and be assessed in front of the cameras.

The idea has already been trialled in soccer, with Football Superstar on Fox8. It features young players trying out to get a place in an A-League club. The programme is returning for a third series and is hosted by Irish singer Brian McFadden.

Football Superstar is produced for Fox8 by North One Television Australia and it’s sponsored by the NAB and Kellogg’s Nutrigrain.

Cricket Australia GM of public affairs Peter Young told Mumbrella that it is not actively pursuing the idea of a TV show, but it has not ruled anything out.

“It’s not part of the paper, but it’s not to say however that we might not at some stage look at a TV-based project. There have been ideas put to us. You never say never,” he said.


  1. Aaron
    11 Dec 09
    11:33 am

  2. I get the feeling it’ll be similar to INXS continuing to find a new Michael Hutchence. Sure, they show promise, but once they realise they don’t have the same presence, they look for a new one.

    There’ll never be another Warnie.

  3. Larry
    11 Dec 09
    11:36 am

  4. Football Superstar has already run it’s second season … 2010 will be year number three.

  5. hank
    11 Dec 09
    12:29 pm

  6. Cricket Australia have been touting this around for at least 2 years.

  7. Camille Alarcon
    11 Dec 09
    12:47 pm

  8. Hi Larry,

    Thanks for picking that up, we’ve since updated that in the story.

    Not being a soccer fan myself (or any kind of sporting activity for that matter) I took the copy on the homepage of the Fox 8 show to imply that a second series hadn’t yet begun, as it reads: “FOOTBALL SUPERSTAR returns for its second series as a brand new search gets underway…” And then I also thought the winner mentioned was from the previous series. But again cheers for that, good spot!

    Mumbrella – Camille

  9. Rascally
    11 Dec 09
    2:17 pm

  10. My nephew took 5 for 8 last week…where does he sign up? Alas he is only 13.

  11. C K Cash
    11 Dec 09
    3:09 pm

  12. God help us..

    The NRL are going to do a reality show to find the next star and they’ll win a NRL playing contract…and now this! …phht