Demonic thriller set to shoot in Perth in February

Foreshadow actresses Tawni Bryant and Andrea Addison with director Carmelo Musca at last night’s film launch

A new Australian supernatural thriller will begin shooting in Perth in February.

Foreshadow is being produced by Buzz Productions, in partnership with Movierockets Entertainment for under $1m.

The film is directed by Carmelo Musca and written by Movierockets CEO Kris Lippert, who is also producing. Producers have not confirmed a deal with a  distributor just yet.

Foreshadow follows the story of Jesse Milton, who discovers his latest girlfriend has wound up dead. After the coroner rules out foul play and police stop investigating, Jesse searches for the killer himself and encounters demonic powers at play.

Jesse will be played by Justin Burford, lead role in the stage version of Rock of Ages and singer in band End of Fashion.

Joining him is Drift actor Myles Pollard as well as Andrew Addison, Melanie Lyons, and Tawni Bryant.

Burford said: “There is a really talented and committed team working on this film and the energy is contagious. I can’t wait to undergo the physical transformation required for the role, but mostly I’m eager to sink my teeth into a genre that has long been one of my favourites.”

Estelle Buzzard, of Buzz Productions said: “We are delighted to announce that ARIA award winning rock star Justin Burford will make his feature film debut as our lovable surfer and playboy, Jesse Milton; while two times Silver Logie nominee and DRIFT star Myles Pollard will be defending justice as Detective Monaghan.”

The film was launched at the Christmas party for Bright Blue – the Police Commissioner’s Fund for Sick Kids. Buzzard told Encore: “Where Buzz Productions films are made possible by WA investors, Buzz will be donating 10% of net profits back to Bright Blue.”


  1. Judy van den Abeelen
    9 Dec 12
    11:19 pm

  2. will this film beside Australia seen in any country in Europe or being available?
    I am still fingering out how to get the Drift movie as well over here (The Netherlands) love to see Myles P, play and like Austr. movies/series a lot., it is super that 10% is going to a good foudation for sick kids
    wish everybody good luck hope the film will do well

  3. Dean
    10 Dec 12
    1:07 pm

  4. Very brave pushing ahead without an Australian distributor or sales agent attached.

    Might find it very difficult to claim the Producer Offset if this is the case.

    Hopefully they can secure one eventually.

  5. Mike
    20 Dec 12
    4:00 pm

  6. Not a single Perth based actor, apparently.
    As usual.
    Only bit parts and extra roles for the Sandgropers.