Droga5 renamed

Dr Mumbo hears that the rivals of Droga5 have been so impressed by the agency’s new retail credentials that they’ve given the agency a new name.

The fashionable Sydney shop, which was “not the obvious choice” to win retail giant Woolies earlier this month, is now fondly known as Droga4.99.


  1. ha ha
    13 Mar 12
    10:31 pm

  2. funny

  3. Anonymous
    14 Mar 12
    12:06 am

  4. Let’s hope their retail ads are better than Coles “Down, down, prices are down”

  5. Alison_F
    14 Mar 12
    11:34 am

  6. Man, that really is funny!!

  7. Joey
    14 Mar 12
    2:15 pm

  8. Good one.

  9. Goldmember
    14 Mar 12
    2:28 pm

  10. I note with some amusement that the new marketing gurus from Woolworths have started up with the product and price approach on Metrolite bus shelter posters.

    Now that is some really slick use of premium media. 12 tiny products all featured on one bus shelter poster. Must be a return to subliminal advertising.

    Droga $4.99, watch out here comes your strategic insights and creative licence to not do the obvious choice.

  11. Just sayin...
    14 Mar 12
    3:06 pm

  12. “Down, down Droga is down” also has a ring to it.

  13. rob
    14 Mar 12
    5:44 pm

  14. down, down, Droga is down……….to the bank

  15. Busty St Clair
    14 Mar 12
    9:05 pm

  16. What’s wrong with the Down Down ads – they work awesomely

  17. I wonder
    14 Mar 12
    9:36 pm

  18. Should be Droga4.95

    $4.95 is the the M2 toll on the way to the Woolworths office which couldn’t have been put any further away from civilisation if they tried.

  19. Really?
    15 Mar 12
    1:21 pm

  20. can we please see Droga’s latest work for Cadbury Boost on here? Much anticipated…

  21. Richard Bland
    19 Mar 12
    1:20 pm

  22. Radio Tel Aviv 1207 on your dial – but for you, 1199