Global Mail relaunches without sideways scroll

global mail october

The new look Global Mail

The Global Mail, Australia’s most expensive philanthropically funded journalism project seen to date, has today gone through a major relaunch, including the ditching of its controversial sideways rather than vertical scrolling.

The site had a difficult launch with founding editor Monica Attard departing in May, just three months after it began.

Early criticisms of the site included its quixotic sideways navigation and relatively slow speed at producing new content. The site is funded by Graeme Wood who promised funding of $15m.

global mail

The former sideways scrolling site

It is now edited by Lauren Martin who was previously managing editor of The Vineyard Gazette in Massachusetts.

The new version of the site also includes a blog. A first posting is from site developer Andrew Cobby who writes: “Soon after launch, it became clear improvements needed to be made to the site. And so began our six-month journey to re-think, re-design and re-develop for what we now see today.”


  1. Fiona
    11 Oct 12
    7:02 pm

  2. I’ve always liked the way the Global Mail looked, but found the sideways scrolling rather unwieldy. Not being able to print articles was also a disincentive to read them. Glad these things have been sorted out :-)

  3. Chris
    31 Oct 12
    10:24 pm

  4. I loved the horizontal scroll. Very elegant and, I found, easy to use. What a shame people don’t cope with change.