Great Southern releases ACMA film on sexting, cyber bullying and filmed fights

Melbourne-based Great Southern Communications has released a short film for the Australian Communications and Media Authority to warn young Australians of the consequences of sexting, cyber bullying and filmed fights.

Called ‘Tagged’, the 17-minute film will be released online and officially launched by communications minister Stephen Conroy on 23 September at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image.

The video follows on from the ACMA’s first outdoor campaign, It’s your life, which ran in June this year.


  • Production company: Great Southern Communications
  • Director: Chris Benz


  1. Shane
    19 Sep 11
    3:43 pm

  2. There is nothing more cringe-worthy than the way adults try to communicate with teenagers, absolutely reeking of desperation as they try to sound “real.” I’m sure this will be no different.

    I’d be interested to know the stats on .gov websites aimed at teenagers. Even then I’m sure most of the views are mandated by schools and not by kids sitting at home thinking “Geez, I’ve got a real SMS-bullying problem… maybe the government can provide me with advice!”

  3. Vik
    19 Sep 11
    8:26 pm

  4. I think parents need to do more work in this aspect to stop their children from engaging in these activities. Its called discipline. I don’t think the ACMA film will help or bring changes.

  5. Tom Burton
    20 Sep 11
    9:15 am

  6. Thanks Shane. The video trailer is on You Tube as will be the full video. You Tube of course skews young. It will also be distributed widely through various portals and sites to ensure it reaches its target audience. The video will also be used as a key teaching tool in Australia’s largest cyber safety school programme, Cybersmart. You may also want to look at the actual video when it is released this Friday to judge just how “real” it is.

  7. Alison
    20 Sep 11
    11:50 am

  8. Great video IMO.

    Shane you should check out – it’s a pretty good example of engagement around the bullying/dating/violence etc. It’s an initiative of the Dept. of FAHCSIA. (disclaimer: we’re involved)

  9. MattP
    20 Sep 11
    12:27 pm

  10. I haven’t seen the video but look forward to. Anything that helps parents and encourages their children combat these issues is valuable. Likely that we will gather our three teenage daughters around to watch this and discuss.

  11. Terry
    20 Sep 11
    5:13 pm

  12. Shane, I suspect you’re right that no teenager would seek help from government with anything.

    However, government are the ones with the funds necessary to make videos such as this and I hope they’ve been smart and spent those funds via a creative team who have done the work to understand the audience they’re speaking to.

    If so, the government will have produced a valuable tool that parents can use to start a discussion with their kids. Anything that can start that discussion in homes is a good thing.

    Having viewed the trailer I expect a great video. I applaud the initiative.

  13. Shannon Macrae
    23 Sep 11
    2:48 pm

  14. I was really hoping for something better after the Quiet Signs of Love Campaign by ACMA. This felt like it was preaching from above, but the Quiet Signs campaign really got to me.

  15. Shane
    27 Sep 11
    12:33 pm

  16. Watched it.