Gruen asks: How do you sell Gina Rinehart as owner of Fairfax?

The series return of Gruen Planet tonight sets agencies the tough challenge of persuading the public that Gina Rinehart would be a good owner for Fairfax Media.

Tonight’s episode, which is on ABC1 at 8.30pm, is the first in the series of the Gruen Planet format after four Gruen Sweat Olympics specials.

Perth’s Cooch Creative and Melbourne’s Loud&Clear Creative will take on the Fairfax challenge in The Pitch.

Joining regulars Todd Sampson from Leo Burnett and Russel Howcroft from Y&R Brands will be creative Dee Madigan and spin doctor Toby Ralph.

The show will also be discussing the current campaign for James Packer’s Crown Casino and ask why it doesn’t mention gambling.


  1. Jim Aitchison
    23 Aug 12
    8:49 am

  2. Both of the Pitches shown were about as funny as a trainwreck; my wife agrees.
    How the panel could unanimously award one over the other, I’ve no idea, as neither Pitch actually achieved its objective.

  3. Pete Carroll
    23 Aug 12
    10:38 am

  4. Hi Jim, Couldn’t agree less. I thought the song one was pretty funny and a good parody of those big ridiculous brand ads. I don’t think it’s a pitch you could have won in 30 seconds, but as a bit of branding for fairfax it worked for me. But I guess because your wife agrees with you that makes my argument pointless.

  5. Fabfour
    23 Aug 12
    10:53 am

  6. given today’s news about Fairfax, I would think it’s a very easy sell…!

  7. Me
    23 Aug 12
    10:57 am

  8. As ex-Fairfax – bloody hilarious.

    And a strong chance now the mastheads will end up with Gina when the company is gutted. She’ll run them at a loss for propaganda’s sake, but that never harmed the Australian any, now did it?

  9. Bruce Bryant
    4 Sep 12
    7:16 am

  10. I just want to date Gina Rhinehart . Hope she will get this.