ING Direct brings magician Dynamo to Australia for lunch break campaign

Days after UK magician Dynamo gained global coverage of a stunt which appeared to show him levitating across Westminster Bridge next to a double decker bus, ING Direct is to bring him to Australia.

The magician will appear as part of a campaign masterminded by media agency UM. Dynamo will perform in Sydney next Thursday and Melbourne on Friday in a campaign aimed at encouraging Australians to make better use of their “disappearing” lunch break.

The “Spend your lunch well” events are intended to link research into people not having time for a proper lunch break with ING’s message that it can save people time on their banking.

According to ING Direct, its research shows 28 per cent of workers eat at their desk.

Other lunchtime events include sushi rolling classes, writing music with musicians Josh Pyke and Chance Waters and interactive art with street artist Indo.

The company has also created a video featuring Dynamo to promote its focus on reclaiming the “disappearing” lunch break.

The campaign aimed at making a direct link to the bank’s tagline: “Spend Your Life Well”, which was launched as part of a brand refresh last year.

“This activation program is designed to bring Ing Direct’s Spend Your Life Well positioning to life by encouraging Australians to get up from behind their desks at lunchtime and spend the time better by doing something personally rewarding or interesting,” said Mat Baxter, CEO of UM Australia.

The  campaign also involved UM’s sister branded entertainment agency Ensemble and digital agency Soap Creative.

Nic Christensen


  1. macsmutterings
    10 Jul 13
    1:55 pm

  2. I love this guy, great decision he is much more aligned with my view of the brand and what it stands for (or has done in the past) than the talking orangutan ever was

  3. marion mewett
    10 Jul 13
    2:10 pm

  4. How awesome….responding to something topical and bringing him half way across the world to address an issue that was only raised today…eating your lunch at your desk it great work….go UM

  5. Jayde
    10 Jul 13
    3:20 pm

  6. Trying to register to see him and website is freeeeezing… grrr

  7. GaryS
    11 Jul 13
    1:56 pm

  8. Website is fine for me – Not sure you actually need to register to see him though as it, he’ll be in martin place next Thursday at midday. Looks like he’ll be in melbourne on the friday. lots of other stuff on though

  9. Janelle
    18 Jul 13
    12:03 pm

  10. Where in Melbourne will he be on Friday, and what time??

  11. Simmone
    18 Jul 13
    6:54 pm

  12. Where in melb on Friday..?? Can’t wait to see you

  13. Dawn
    18 Jul 13
    11:45 pm

  14. Omg I wish they’d bring him to Perth :-( I’ve watched every episode of his and would give anything just to be in the same street as him let alone the same room lol