Kyle and Jackie O’s social takeover

One of the big questions hanging over Kyle Sandilands and Jackie (O) Henderson’s move from 2DayFM to rival Kiis is whether they can take their audience with them. With 10,000 likes for 1065 Kyle and Jackie O Facebook page in less than a week, they should be ok.

The problem is, while it looks authentic, it’s a fake. As a tweet from the Kyle and Jackie O account told followers on Sunday “2DayFM has temporarily shut down our Facebook”, before another message confirmed this page as a fraud.

kyle and jackie o FB screener

Whoever is behind the account was quick off the mark, setting it up on November 29, the day the official announcement was made. And they’re doing a pretty good job of community management, snaffling pics from Sandilands’ Instagram profile, and posting images of holiday destinations asking fans over what they will be doing for the Christmas break.

The question now is, who is behind this page, and why are they running it like an official community?

A spokeswoman for ARN said they have asked for the page to be removed from Facebook, for “legal reasons around copyright and image licensing”, adding:  “But we’re thrilled that Kyle & Jackie O have such passionate fans and Kyle and Jackie are both really looking forward to being back on Facebook very soon to keep everyone up to date with their new station’s news.”

Maybe it’s a hard-core fan, or perhaps potential employers will see this popping up on the CV of a graduate looking for a social media role in the coming months.

And will these fans follow ARN to the official new Facebook page when it is set up?


  1. Ted
    3 Dec 13
    2:51 pm

  2. Good luck getting Facebook to take it down. Many a company has tried to follow the Facebook channels for having imposters removed. Many have failed with FacelessBook Australia.

  3. Sarah
    3 Dec 13
    3:03 pm

  4. Depends how much money you are spending Ted, and how strong the brand is. If you have an account manager, magic happens pretty quickly.

  5. really?
    3 Dec 13
    3:40 pm

  6. this page seems real to me and the community are in outrage about K&J joining

  7. avi
    20 Dec 13
    5:25 pm

  8. without kyle and jackie o 105.3 will be quiet boring to listen to will follow k and j fully