M&C Saatchi launches Christmas campaign for Eftpos: ‘a little button can do a lot of good’

M&C Saatchi has launched a new campaign for Eftpos that features a man in a bar who has Handel’s ‘Messiah’ sung at him after pressing the SAV button when buying a round of drinks.

After pressing either the CHQ and SAV button, Eftpos will donate money to charty Vision Australia, where funds will be put towards the building of a facility for Seeing Eye Dogs in Melbourne.

Eftpos head of marketing Neera Manawakul said: “We are pleased to continue our tradition of giving back to Australia, following the success of last year’s debut. The eftpos Giveback campaign demonstrates our commitment to the community while also facilitating consumers’ secure and easy access to their own money, and helping them stay in control of their spending.”

M&C Saatchi ECD Ben Welsh added: “This was a brutally simple way of showing how people are doing good by simply using eftpos this festive season.”


  1. Joe
    16 Nov 12
    11:41 am

  2. People who use Eftpos to buy small rounds at the pub should be shot. Disrupts the natural flow of things.

  3. nell schofield
    16 Nov 12
    1:32 pm

  4. interesting how the concept of emotionally blackmailing people to use your service in this manner is as ethically reprehensible here as it was with Kia and their WorldVision campaign, yet where’s the social media backlash?

    sure, hitting ‘like’ in FB to feed a starving family is more odious than pressing chq or savings to send some cash to the Guide Dogs, but the principle is just as loathesome

    if a company has the money to donate to a charity it should just do it and not seek marketing leverage of any kind

  5. Grace
    16 Nov 12
    3:04 pm

  6. I get where you’re coming from Joe, but as a consumer myself, I would love to donate at a convenience as well!

  7. Jeremy
    16 Nov 12
    4:01 pm

  8. Highly likely over a million users will press CHQ or SAV over the Christmas period, and EFTPOS are guaranteed to donate up to 1M anyway.

    Campaign encourages use of EFT and whitewashes EFT spend with charitable cause – cause marketing 101 albeit a great act of social good.

  9. James H
    16 Nov 12
    4:20 pm

  10. Any charity is good charity. get off the high horse.

  11. Jeremy
    16 Nov 12
    4:24 pm

  12. I’d be stoked to see EFTPOS donate without the parade.