Miranda Kerr is the most ‘Binged’ Australian

Picture: mirandakerr.com

Model Miranda Kerr is the most searched Australian this year on Microsoft search engine Bing – for the second year running.

Kerr came in ahead of the London Olympics, and the arrest of Wikileaks founder  Julian Assange for the time period between 1 January and 31 October.

Porn content was not included in search results.

Other most searched Australians included former prime minister Kevin Rudd who came in ahead of current PM Julia Gillard.    

Most Binged in 2012:

Source: Bing Australia


  1. The Accountant
    28 Nov 12
    10:43 am

  2. Weak attempt by Microsoft to introduce Binged to the vernacular. Way behind as usual.

  3. Patrick
    28 Nov 12
    10:44 am

  4. ‘Binged’ is not a thing.

  5. Me
    28 Nov 12
    11:16 am

  6. Hehe – “How to download from Youtube,” at number 5.

    Asked Ms Eight if she wanted me to download any music for her the other day.

    “No, thanks. I have a ripper that lets you grab five songs a day for free from YouTube, but is getting me a cracked version.”

  7. CRS
    28 Nov 12
    11:33 am

  8. OMG someone used Bing?!

  9. Al
    28 Nov 12
    11:33 am

  10. 8 people searched for her.

  11. Liv
    28 Nov 12
    1:48 pm

  12. You spelt Kevin wrong!?

  13. mumbrella
    28 Nov 12
    1:54 pm

  14. Hi Liv. Yes, yes we did… thanks for flagging that!


    Tim – Mumbrella