Mumbrella Question Time: which is Australia’s most exciting medium?

Telstra's Inese Kingsmill

In the next in our series of the best of the Mumbrella360 conference, Enero’s Matthew Melhuish, AANA’s Inese Kingsmill, Google’s Nick Leeder and Aegis boss Harold Mitchell tell Mumbrella editor Tim Burrowes which medium they think is the most exciting.

The video highlights feature:

Harold Mitchell, executive chairman, Aegis Pacific
Nick Leeder, managing director, Google Australia
Inese Kingsmill, director of corporate marketing, Telstra and chair, AANA
Matthew Melhuish, CEO, Enero Group


  1. erk
    31 Aug 12
    12:33 pm

  2. 1/ Did they answer the question?
    2/ Why does Harold scratch the back of his hand so often?

  3. Martin
    31 Aug 12
    1:23 pm

  4. It’s not the media that’s exciting it’s the message. I agree that an appropriate selection of integrated media should be used. Well said.

    As for not turning up to university classes… we have been doing that since the dawn of university. Internet based learning is just another option compared to home study/distance learning. It’s not for everyone. Why do we go to an office when we can log in from home? It’s about a creative and productive shared environment. It’s the benefits of a mastermind group versus the lone crusader.

    Why do people keep thinking the wheel has been reinvented because someone painted it a different colour?

  5. Chloe
    31 Aug 12
    1:49 pm

  6. Great to hear about integration of all channels. Let’s all play together!

    (you may want to fix your supers on the video though! Wrong names for people!)

  7. Georgina Pearson
    31 Aug 12
    4:05 pm

  8. Hi Chloe,

    Thanks for spotting this.


    Georgie – Mumbrella