New Idea: First with the Royal scoops

new idea kate pregnantDr Mumbo salutes New Idea for scooping the world with its announcement that Kate Middleton was pregnant and would announce it this month.

The Pacific Magazines title correctly made the call on November 26 with the exclusive prediction “They’re planning to make the announcement in December.”

The fact that the magazine made the same prediction on September 24, June 11, June 25, April 16 and January 2 this year; and October 17 and August 22 last year is neither here nor there.

(With a hefty hat-tip to Media Watch)


  1. Michael
    4 Dec 12
    7:55 am

  2. Yes congrats New Idea and a huge sigh of relief for you all I’m sure with 12 months of copy already planned – Kate’s baby crisis, Kate – I’ve got nothing to wear, Royal baby – psychic claims baby has spoken to her from the womb.

    Walkley award winning copy for sure.

  3. PantryRaider
    4 Dec 12
    11:45 am

  4. Love it Michael! I think we can add the all-important “Kate’s baby shame” – can’t be a celebrity mother without a good dose of shame.

  5. Jasper Tudor
    4 Dec 12
    12:35 pm

  6. Given their certainty in the most recent issue, after predicting it for over a year, maybe this is a case of a ‘vindictive pregnancy’ … as New Idea have had it in for Kate and William all that time.

  7. Bek
    4 Dec 12
    3:24 pm

  8. Well they were bound to get it right at some point… I bet Jennifer Aniston is watching closely 😛

  9. LW
    4 Dec 12
    8:25 pm

  10. Unfortunately the headline ‘Dilatey Katie’ was already taken today by SMH… Seems to have vanished now though.