One Direction and Vegemite toast spitting incident helps Sunrise trounce Today

In the battle of breakfast TV, Seven’s Sunrise thrashed Nine’s Today in the ratings yesterday, despite Brit boy band One Direction appearing on Today before Sunrise.

The band’s appearance on Sunrise was marked by One Direction’s Niall Horan spitting out a piece of toast covered with Vegemite. The incident has trended on Twitter.

Sunrise put the remains of the toast of eBay, but later dropped the auction because they couldn’t determine which offers were genuine and which weren’t. The highest bid was $100,000.

Sunrise won in every metro market, amassing 493,000 viewers compared to Today’s 330,000.

Seven News won the night with 1.246m viewers followed by Nine News which took 1.139m.

The Big Band Theory’s second episode was the highest rating non-news show in third place with 1.076m, followed by Today Tonight taking 1.059m and episode One of The Big Bang Theory rounding out the top five with 1.054m.

ABC’s highest rating show was ABC News in sixth place with 1.049m. Ten’s highest rating program The Biggest Loser came seventh with 1.001m.

SBS’s highest rating show was Toughest Place To Be A…, a British reality show that takes workers and puts them in tough working conditions – this week a London train driver was taken to the Peru’s railway line, one of the steepest on earth.

The show rated with 344,000.


  1. Anonymous
    12 Apr 12
    2:43 pm

  2. One direction were on today too – about an hour earlier

  3. Rhys Edwards
    12 Apr 12
    3:21 pm

  4. FYI: Vegemite tastings begin at 7.50

  5. Anonymous
    12 Apr 12
    4:17 pm

  6. Pineapple lumps come from NZ

  7. Sam
    12 Apr 12
    6:26 pm

  8. Can i just say that I am sick of the heterosexism rampant in all the media reports about this boy band.

    Going on about how young girls are screaming about the boys in the band. There would be quite a few gay teenage boys who would be big fans too.

    Is it that hard for the media to say “hordes of besotted teenage girls and a few teenage boys will no doubt be huge One Direction fans”

    It’s tough enough for you gay kids and to keep being excluded and rendered invisible doesn’t help them.

  9. georgie
    13 Apr 12
    8:11 am

  10. I am loving the domination of Sunrise over Today this year. No matter how hard the “uncool” Today show tries to be cool, it just cant pull it off. Lisa needs to loosen up a little.

  11. sean
    13 Apr 12
    11:28 am

  12. How can anybody like sunrise David Koch gives me the creeps..and all that fake smiles from Grant Denyer..yuk.

  13. Anonymous
    13 Apr 12
    5:20 pm

  14. Grant Rocks! GO GRANT.

  15. Mario-on-Koshi
    14 Apr 12
    11:08 pm

  16. Sean – Grant is only subliminally telling us to master the smile and fake facade when eating that morning breakfast before heading off to work. Thanks Sunrise!