AMI’s longer lasting sex ad returns to Sydney despite ban

Advanced Medical Institute has returned to the streets of Sydney with its controversial banned “Longer lasting sex” message via a branded car fleet.

AMI Australia car ad

Pic: Ebiquity

The AMI has been a serial offender for the Ad Standards Board, with the message banned on a direct mail leaflet in 2009 and as an outdoor ad in 2008 for not treating sex with sensitivity.

The ASB has already received a complaint from the public, and the case is being processed, an ASB spokesperson told Mumbrella.

However, it is unclear who owns the car fleet and whether they are signed up to the ASB, which is funded and administered by the marketing industry.


  1. Jeremy
    8 Aug 12
    2:13 pm

  2. This just shows how pathetic our society is. Sex is a normal thing that most adults do on a regular basis, it’s completely natural and normal and there is nothing sinister about it.

    People need to grow up and just accept sex is a normal part of life, and people of all ages will be exposed to it. Provided children are provided with quality sex education there there is no harm to them being exposed to messages that are targeted at adults.

    I find it far more offensive that children are exposed to religious propaganda through those ridiculous signs that are posted outside churches in public places.

    The only thing I find offensive about this campaign is the bad creative execution.

  3. Carole Goldsmith
    8 Aug 12
    2:23 pm

  4. Maybe they should join forces with the author of the NY best seller, The 50 shades of grey and take on the world like the book has. I have not read it yet, nor seen the cars.

  5. kia
    8 Aug 12
    2:28 pm

  6. It’s the dodgy corporate practices and bad medicine of the AMI that are offensive.

  7. Jonno
    8 Aug 12
    3:26 pm

  8. @Jeremy – urinating and excreting feaces is also a natural, normal part of life!
    It doesn’t mean that people want to see or hear about it!

  9. Ann
    8 Aug 12
    3:47 pm

  10. Yes they should have the boots stacked with 50 Shades of Grey and as they say, stack them high, watch them fly

  11. Mel
    8 Aug 12
    4:00 pm

  12. Hi Jeremy,

    Yes you are right. Sex *is* a normal and natural part of life. Agree with you there. Responsible parents have many talks with their children about sex and relationships in an age appropriate way.

    But i’m not sure why you think AMI – or any other company – has any part in ‘educating’ children about sex. Should premature ejaculation be something that early readers need to learn about before they’ve even properly learned what sex is?

    All that aside, the point of the article is that AMI is once again disregarding the Ad Standards Board’s decisions. Not the only company to do so either.

  13. JennyWho
    8 Aug 12
    4:03 pm

  14. AMI is just TACKY TACKY TACKY and let’s face I doubt there’s much substance to their claims. And Gee Jeremy, as long as children have quality sex education there’s no harm being exposed to ads targeted to adults? Well then, let’s do away with all advertising standards for children. What a twat. I don’t think you put a lot of thought into that comment.

  15. AdGrunt
    8 Aug 12
    4:26 pm

  16. I agree, the questionable medicine and marketing is the only thing to be offended by.

    I simply fail to see what the fundamental issue is. What terrible fate will society befall as a result of this campaign? No-one ever died from the word sex being put in an ad. I smell Collective Gout and related pearl-clutchers.

    Oh and Jonno, what do you think Toilet Duck, Metamucil, Kleenex, Canasten etc. ads are for?

  17. Joan
    8 Aug 12
    4:57 pm

  18. It’s just TACKY AS HELL.

  19. Carole Goldsmith
    8 Aug 12
    5:00 pm

  20. AdGrunt, you left out the Ad for the stuff that makes you go to the toilet and it is not METAMUSIL… The cool ad where the ladies legs walk and she stands still. Must be a good Ad, I can’t remember the name of the product.

  21. Richard Moss
    8 Aug 12
    7:00 pm

  22. Jonno made a point with “urinating and excreting feaces is also a natural, normal part of life!” Yes it is, but it is irrelevant here, as irrelevant as apples in a discussion about oranges.

    Most children are made well aware of “urinating and excreting faeces ” at a very early age, though they call it “pees and poohs” and eventually “piss and shit” like everyone else.

    Sex is a life long problem area for many people, but even for those of us for whom it is a celebrated part of adult life, it is a delicate subject in most polite company, and a very real responsibility where children are concerned.

    I was born in the country, so I realised early on that calves were the result of cows and bulls and that dogs, chickens, lambs, kittens and human beings came into the world in much the same way.

    What I didn’t know was the intimate side. I remember overhearing my parents talking about a couple in the village who were expecting another baby, they already had four children and were not happy about the pending fifth which had not been planned.

    I was confused by what I heard and asked my Mother, much to her consternation, why, if Mr and Mrs C***** had not wanted another baby, had they done ” it ” in the first place.

    You see, as a small boy I knew the truth about sex, but not with understanding.

    Companies and individuals must be very careful and responsible in the interests of children.

  23. Insider
    8 Aug 12
    7:49 pm

  24. Is the fleet Kahdoo? Certainly looks like their Toyota Yaris’s

  25. AdGrunt
    8 Aug 12
    8:54 pm

  26. Yes, Richard, will no-one think of the children.

    That right there is the essence of a finely honed argument.

  27. Erectile Dysfunction
    8 Aug 12
    11:00 pm

  28. The most annoying thing about this limp stunt, is that AMI are complete shonks. Their products have been exposed as completely ineffective, and outrageously expensive, time and time again. That they ignore the ASB is completely consistent with every aspect of their operations. Forget about breaches of advertising standards, breaches of the law – for fraud – should be the focus when it comes to AMI. Perhaps if ASIC weren’t so tragically impotent themselves they might do something about it.

  29. Dave
    9 Aug 12
    6:14 am

  30. I like adgrunt

  31. Virginia
    15 Aug 12
    7:58 pm

  32. I totally agree with Richard, sick of this ridiculous in your face advertisements by AMI. Surely there’s something that can be done to remove these offensive and tacky adds for a product that doesn’t even work?! Realistically, if it really was such a good and effective treatment they wouldn’t have to advertise it to death, you don’t see adds for anti hypertensives etc around so much do you?

  33. Mac
    15 Aug 12
    11:06 pm

  34. What is the point of having the ASB? If there is zero penalty for simply ignoring them – then why should anyone bother what they say?

    According to the ASB : “When a complaint is upheld, the advertiser is requested to remove or amend the offending advertisement.” Wow. A request.

    So why should anyone bother complaining to the ASB? Just so the advertiser can ignore their request instead of ignoring your request?