Solaris launches counter-attack campaign against Greenpeace over trapped tiger video

Paper company Solaris, the Australian subsidiary of controversial logging company Asia Pulp & Paper, has launched a counter-attack campaign against Greenpeace in the national press.

Greenpeace released video footage a fortnight ago of a tiger that had been ‘trapped for six days without food or water’ near one of APP’s forestry concessions in Indonesia. The video was picked up by 6.30 with George Negus and the Daily Telegraph online.

Greenpeace media and communications manager James Lorenz called the Solaris ad “astounding” and “a heavy-handed attempt at greenwash.”

“We will continue to apply pressure to companies that source paper from APP,” he said. “They are turning rainforest into toilet paper that its being sold in households across Australia.”

Solaris’ ad in The Daily Telegraph:

Solaris supplies paper to supermarket chain IGA, which makes the Black and Gold toilet paper brand.

Solaris’ PR in Australia is handled by PPR.


  1. JRL
    5 Aug 11
    1:28 pm

  2. I didn’t know anything about Solaris Parer (and it’s prestigious dunny paper making role) before reading their Amero-style PR blitz campaign in the papers today. Now I think of them as cruel tiger killers – boo hiss!

    PRP should be counselled – to suggest reacting so stridently, even aggressively to a Greenpeace campaign just sets you up for a long-term fight. Who wants that for their brand? Search Google News for Solaris Paper and the links point you to this carry-on. Duh!

  3. Thomas Dodson
    5 Aug 11
    3:19 pm

  4. I dont know here, JRL. It seems to me that being on the front foot and reacting like this- indeed, reacting so quickly and decisively, does serve to deflect the vast majority of bad press. I do think that they should not have been so.. agressive towards greenpeace. You are never going to do more than score points and in the long run Greenpeace’s image is going to ensure they come out on top.

    Still better to react and react quickly than to ignore it and let it fester…

  5. steamfrog
    5 Aug 11
    3:27 pm

  6. Solaris. You suck. Don’t care what that ‘novel’ says about what you do and dont do.
    Damage done.

  7. JRL
    5 Aug 11
    5:55 pm

  8. The trick is not to react in a way that makes the general public come away thinking that Solaris is some scary big corp that is just throwing BIG $$ around to hide their complicity in this – to me it just looks like they’re trying to bully their way out of a big fat mess. They should have used a far less agressive tone here. Apologised to their supporters for the upset being caused by GP’s assault and assured them they will take steps to correct the misinformation being circulated. They just sound ANGRY and that’s ugly when a tiger’s died in the most heinous circumstances on their patch. This is playing RIGHT into GP’s manipulations. They will use this as a fundraising exercise and they will bury Solaris. Both organisations look bad here – it’s just short sighted to use the MSM to defend a point in a way that simply calls attention to the issue to a bigger group – just watch the issue morph & grow into a massive global reaction now. I say it again – Duh!

    5 Aug 11
    11:54 pm


  11. Anthony
    6 Aug 11
    12:02 am

  12. Here goes GP again. Just trying to bring another business down with their tales and exaggerations……………GET STUCK INTO THEM SOLARIS

  13. bocah
    7 Aug 11
    7:39 am

  14. I find it rather suspicious why Greenpeace attacked IGA for using products from APP. I know for sure that IGA provides affordable prices to customers and IGA is locally owned. Who is funding GP to attack IGA I wonder?

  15. AdGrunt
    7 Aug 11
    11:42 am

  16. Greenpeace?

    Thick on theatre, thin on substance?

    Surely not.

  17. Lover of country
    8 Aug 11
    9:01 am

  18. Greenpeace are the worst people in the world as they profess to love the environment and animals yet they resort to criminal actions and heavy theatrics to raise money. Solaris is right—who the hell was filming the tiger dying? It was some sort of disgusting smut film! They let a tiger die so they could raise money and send it all over the internet. These people cost companies and countries money, they destroy (just look at their arrest for attacking GM crops in Australia—they destroyed years and millions in research) and they act like they are the sole purveyors of truth. Its sad people listen to these idiots. And on top sadder still people like IGA drop companies like Solaris the second Greenpeace say anything. Where is there any courage in this world? As a woman, I have no respect for the lack of testicles shown by the IGA management. To all you South AFricans running the show there, WE LOVE BRAVE AND STRONG MEN IN AUSTRALIA SO GO HOME. I will be shopping at Aldi from now on. I won’t give my business to anyone who lays down at the feet of Greenpeace and their lies.

  19. Billy
    8 Aug 11
    9:34 am

  20. Greenpeace sat and filmed that Tiger dying so they could mount the tigers head on their trophy wall and call it SOLARIS. That is the truth

  21. EMMA
    8 Aug 11
    9:52 am

  22. Greenpeace – YOU ARE LOW LIFE SCUM.
    What’s wrong with you IGA – Why let scum bags like GP dictate to you. I shop at IGA for for the value. We all live in this world and need to work together. I tend to agree with ‘Lover of Country’, I will start shopping at ALDI, they continue to provide fair pricing with equal choices without GP dictating to them what they sell. I have lost all respect for IGA over this and GP, well there was never any respect for them, they just callously sit and wait for scenes like a dying tiger so they can make a film.

  23. Michael B
    8 Aug 11
    10:09 am

  24. ‘THE BIGGER THE BETTER’ – That’s the Greenpeace motto.
    GP are going after APP because they are such a big company and supply paper world wide. Kleenex and Sorbent get their stocks from APP to. Is GP going to campaign against these 2 companies to stop them supplying to all the big chain supermarkets as well. GP will not stop until they outlaw APP and then the cost of the everyday necessity – Toilet Paper will become so unaffordable we will need to resort to using the newspaper for toilet paper. Wake up supermarket chains, think of the economy and their needs for competitive pricing and choices. Why structure your business to suit the GP and their lies and deception. Greenpeace you are just ruining the economy and you cost the world money. GP get out of everyone’s lives.

  25. Peter McK
    8 Aug 11
    10:28 am

  26. It is rather strange indeed that GP are going after APP. Don’t they realise that APP supply world wide. The world needs companies like APP. The Australian economy need to work with companies like APP. The major supermarkets are fools to listen to the Greenpeace. Who is paying Greenpeace to do this? Solaris, I think you should investigate what is really going on behind the scenes because it is suspicious that Greenpeace sat and filmed that dying tiger. I think you are right Billy, GP wanted a trophy head, but at who’s expense!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Walter Cunningham
    8 Aug 11
    10:47 am

  28. WOW, you supermarkets are unbelievable! Wake up to the Green Peace theatricals and see them for what they really are. The Green Peace sit back and discuss how to damage peoples lives and earn their big fat salaries. Who is funding Green Peace for this stunt?

    APP sell their paper world wide. What is wrong with you big supermarkets? Safeway and Coles obviously crumbled from the Green Peace, why is IGA now crumbling at the Green Peace. APP – Australia needs you – we just don’t need the Greenies.

    This country needs to get on with business and stop letting Green Peace stomp on the economy.

    I will now be an ALDI shopper.

  29. Scott
    8 Aug 11
    11:05 am

  30. Guys, the fact is that Solaris source pulp from AAP who cut virgin forest to plant those million trees. And considering how much they’re profiting are putting peanuts into actual conservation and the tiger fund they claim to support. I’m not much of a GP fan, but they’re right in saying the is greenwashing at it’s best.

  31. Matthew Beacon
    8 Aug 11
    11:06 am

  32. The supermarket chains are suppose to be offering a wide range of choices but how is that possible when you listen to the Greenpeace? Is this the future trend that the supermarket chains need Greenpeace to approve any products they stock. Just watch all the prices go up now. I think that either Kimberly Clark or ABC are behind this and are paying Greenpeace because common sense tells you that Greenpeace cause prices to go up, and cause unnecessary expense to the world’s economy. What’s happened to fair pricing. There seems to be a vendetta out there, without a doubt.

  33. Johnnie Lombardo
    8 Aug 11
    11:25 am

  34. Does this mean the Greenies are running the supermarkets now. Look what damage they caused when they attacked the GM crops in Australia. P….OFF GREENIES. WE DON’T WANT YOU RUNNING OUR SUPERMARKETS. We can’t afford to fund your masquerades We want fair pricing and affordable products and choices.

  35. Susan
    8 Aug 11
    11:47 am

  36. We need to eradicate the Green Peace from this world. I am starting to doubt the integrity of the large super markets. Does this mean the supermarkets are being instructed and interrogated by the Green Peace about what products they sell. What a worry to our everyday buying needs. I thought the supermarkets were supporting our every day needs but letting the Green Peace dictate is a black mark against their integrity. Super markets, wake up to yourselves, the Greenies are trouble and costly.

  37. John
    8 Aug 11
    12:54 pm

  38. WTF is going on with these Solaris sockpuppets? Why do they all have similar ESL phrasings? Hilarious.

  39. Greg
    9 Aug 11
    12:15 pm

  40. WTH listens to GP anyway and WTF cares what they have to say. SCUM BAGS

  41. Crusaders.Fan
    9 Aug 11
    7:37 pm

  42. Greenpeace will not be happy until the world is a semi-socialist state except that Goldman-Sachs will be running the join.

    WTF that has already happened

  43. natalie
    10 Aug 11
    4:04 am

  44. disgusting greenpeace tool of anti nuclear movement anyway oil cos prob pay em.

  45. Reece Turner, Greenpeace
    11 Aug 11
    4:19 pm

  46. A few points of clarification for those who don’t know much about Greenpeace or Asia Pulp and Paper(APP) and their Australian affiliate, Solaris:

    1. Greenpeace has been running campaigns to expose APP’s destruction of Indonesia’s rainforests for years. Their actions have been widely documented and the campaign will continue until APP ends this destruction.

    2. Many high-profile companies have made decisions to end relations with APP following revelations about their practices of destroying Indonesia’s last rainforests.

    3. Greenpeace receives its funding from individual supporters and foundations. Greenpeace screens all major donations in order to ensure we do not receive unwanted donations. The organisation does not accept money from governments, intergovernmental organizations, political parties or corporations in order to avoid their influence.

    Find out more about APP and Solaris here:

    Reece Turner
    Forests Campaigner
    Greenpeace Australia Pacific

  47. John
    12 Aug 11
    12:15 am

  48. Crikey, you guys actually believe yourselves…………………………
    Open your eyes and stop ruining the world.

  49. Crusaders.Fan
    15 Aug 11
    7:23 am

  50. Reece Turner…you believe the drivel you write?

    If you don’t believe GP runs on cash-for-comments, you make Alan Jones look like the most independent journo in the world! And his nick-name is the Parrot

  51. AdGrunt
    15 Aug 11
    10:46 am

  52. So, um Reece.

    Your campaign seems to dissipate a lot of energy, without apparent end-result. What exactly are you doing apart from pot-banging and wailing / gnashing. Pop-radicalism?

    Clearly not much on the ground. You seem to be engaging (once again) in International Economic Blackmail. This isn’t exactly a clever move, is it.

    Filming a tiger slowly die makes you appear as complicit as the alleged perpetrator, I’m afraid. Ineffective, and more concerned with your own agenda. I’m sure a few barmy cat ladies will send you their life savings though. So that’s good.

    I’m also not clear on your picture of, or path to, success. Isolating this company will not provide the opportunity to reform, will it? Indeed it will remove all interest and leverage the Australian Government has. And then it becomes a so-what brushed under the carpet.

    So the world actually becomes a worse, less diverse place for Greenpeace actions, not a better one. Well done, sir.

    But that is a consistent theme if one analyses Greenpace globally:

    Support on one hand for the Scientific Method of Climate Change and its implications (albeit via the moronically specific targetting of VW and ANZ)

    Dismissal and vandalism of the Scientific Method by destroying GM crops aimed to improve our lcoal and global food security.

    Promoting on the one hand “renewable” Energy technologies that are woefully under-scale and developmental. Leading to continuing disillusionment and rejection of such technologies.

    On the other hand demonising the precise Energy infrastructure that provides the scale and opportunity for Carbon-free energy such as nuclear and notably Thorium reactors etc. There are others such as land-fill harvesting, etc.

    I could go on.

    All the time providing no measurable or achievable solution yourselves. You’re just fucking around at the edges pretending to be part of a conversation, but in fact being more of a drunken heckler.

    It sounds more like the death-rattle of an organisation that is starting to get caught up in its own desire for action at the expensse of direction. Breathlessly telling its story without understanding what the ending is.

    So, Reece. Tell us how this little cluster-fuck is going to save a Tiger. Or an Orang-Utan. Or anything apart from your unaccountable, NGO job.

    ps – I thought Jones was called the “Parrot” as he likes a “Cockatoo”

  53. AdGrunt
    15 Aug 11
    10:47 am

  54. Blimey. That was long!

  55. Mary Anne
    15 Aug 11
    11:40 am

  56. So Reece, is this about the Tiger dying or the Rain-forests?
    The tiger died but you guys stood there watching and filming. Now it has been proven that the tiger got caught because of some local trappers and rather than you send out an apology to the people you so falsely accused , you start nagging on about the rain-forests. You are full of absolute shit and make yourselves look even worse for this scenario.

    What are you doing about the trappers that actually caught this tiger?

    Man Up and apologize. You are weak.

  57. AdGrunt
    15 Aug 11
    2:24 pm

  58. *** Paging Reece Turner ***

  59. Crusaders.Fan
    15 Aug 11
    3:07 pm

  60. Adgrunt

    I stand corrected, but I thought it was because he says what he is told to say…either way its funny

  61. Reece Turner, Greenpeace
    15 Aug 11
    5:42 pm

  62. When Greenpeace heard about this incident, measures were already being taken by the relevant authorities to arrange an evacuation by people more qualified in this work than us.
    Balai Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam (BKSDA – the Natural Resource Conservation Agency) – Pelalawan District was in charge of the operation. Greenpeace was not part of the evacuation operation but we arranged to go to the area as observers and documented the rescue attempt and the active rainforest destruction of tiger habitat, nearby the location where the tiger died. Media were also present observing the operation.

    In terms of how market based campaigning can lead to the protection of forests the successful, (years long) campaign Greenpeace led against APP’s sister company Golden Agri Resources(GAR), the world’s second largest palm oil producer, is one example. See here:
    Greenpeace is now constructively engaged with GAR.
    APP, on the other hand continues to preference spending millions of dollars on PR greenwash rather than take environmental responsibility seriously.

  63. AdGrunt
    15 Aug 11
    8:10 pm

  64. I’ll start gently here, Reece.

    You’ve taken a clear illegal poaching problem and through some mind-bending logic, made it a de-forestation issue.

    Dead tiger killed by locals, crash-cuts to logging operation. No indication of anything linking the two except by geography and their presentation in this video.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think deforestation is far from ideal, but you’re not really proposing anything except for economic isolation, which isn’t very productive. At best it merely shifts the problem from view. The Tiger is a furphy and you know it.

    Would you mind conjuring up your end-game for us. What we’re buying into. Banning doesn’t seem to solve the problem, so much as hide it.

    We’ll dissect your Palm Oil disaster at a later date.

  65. Liz Lombardo
    15 Aug 11
    8:33 pm

  66. ATTENTION REECE TURNER – can you please tell me where does kleenex and ABC, the two major suppliers of paper products in Australia, source their supplies from? Are you leaving them alone because they are Australian? From what I can see, you are just anti Asian because of your failed attempts at the whale culling. Now you’re just attacking the Asian companies in a pathetic attempt at redeeming your racist company.

  67. Patrick saver
    15 Aug 11
    9:21 pm

  68. I am a hunter and I have travelled all around the world doing safari hunt and hunting big game like that tiger and to me that tiger looks like it has been tranquilized and carried out and put into a wooden box just to show it laying down. It has been drugged up to look dead when it isn’t really. WHERE IS THE CARCASS!! I want the head off it for my trophy wall !! Or have you kept it and caped out and mounted for your own trophy wall mr Reece turner!!! Do you cut your own plantations out every three months to get the heads out and roll a joint??????

  69. Adrian Pert
    15 Aug 11
    10:47 pm

  70. So once GP bury APP (which is what Reece Turner’s current aim in life is) and the world need to source their paper goods from other parts of the world, ‘where does this leave everybody’? Obviously with a rain forest in Indonesia but what about the worlds need to survive in the future. I think Reece Turner will go on a crusade and adopt China’s one child policy established by Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping in 1979 to limit world wide growth.

  71. Natalie
    15 Aug 11
    10:57 pm

  72. Did you see the green peace people campaigning in Sydney? they were dressed up like Apes. It looks like a scene out of the new release film “Planet of the Apes’, I thought that’s what they were promoting LOL. This show a clear picture of their mentality and their child like mines, not to mention that they get paid for their circus acts. Greenpeace is an embarrassment to the world.

  73. Crusaders.Fan
    16 Aug 11
    9:17 am

  74. Patrick Saver

    it is clear what happened to the tiger. Its head is being traded by crime gangs and its penis & nuts are being eaten by some Asian/s in Honkers

    Not sure what other body parts are in demand

  75. Act Responsibly
    16 Aug 11
    10:21 am

  76. Dear Reece,

    I really have to wonder how the fuck you can look at yourself in the mirror in the morning. You are a bloody hypocrite of epic proportions. You choose tactics like breaking and entering and destruction of property because you truly believe “The end justifies the means” and that only Greenpeace has the facts and the truth. You abuse the very laws and legal system that protects you. You are the worst form of parasite. Its all a show about money.

    I know for a fact that APP and Solaris have tried to engage you and YOU WON’T TALK TO THEM. So how the fuck do you know what they are doing? How many times have you been to the Indonesian forest? If you are going to open your fucking mouth get your facts straight. Its very clear why you won’t meet them—BECAUSE YOU ARE SCARED YOU WILL LOOK LIKE THE BLOODY IDIOT YOU ARE.

    Furthermore, you took the video of the tiger and mocked up a full production with titles and fancy production work, and emailed it to thousands of people with a simple pledge to “Save a tiger for 33 cents per day”. So let’s just own up to it. I would have some respect for you if you could stand up like a man and admit it–ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY AND FUND RAISING AND MAKING YOURSELF FAMOUS. Well there are two ways to do it, either be outstanding or STAND OUT. Its clear you chose the latter, as the former is beyond your capabilities. You exploited a dead tiger to raise money. You are the worst of them all, Reece, you are a man who masquerades around acting like a “do gooder” when in reality you are just scum.

    You have cost APP and Solaris jobs in this country and more investment. Exactly what Australia needs. Congratulations you ass, you made our country weaker due to your manipulations. I hope you can go and meet the families you have rendered unemployed due to this and look them in the eye and explain to them why they cannot feed their families and don’t have a job. Good Australian families. And when APP, one of the largest paper companies in the world, invests outside of Australia, instead of putting that investment here, well I hope you can live with yourself. You weakened a nation, asshole.

    I hear there is a rally and a push of many to organize against GP And throw these people out of our lives. I am joining, and I will tithe even like at church to make this happen. Hypocrites!

  77. Crusaders Plus
    16 Aug 11
    11:27 am

  78. That Ape at the APP head quarters was REECE TURNER. Why didn’t the APP staff just throw him some peanuts or call the RSPCA to escort him to the Dubbo Zoo.

  79. John
    16 Aug 11
    11:52 am

  80. It’s pathetic to think that Reece Turner has a wardrobe of animal costumes and Reece would dress up like an ape and stage an act at a business premises. Stunts like these leave us all to believe the man is an Idiot. He can’t think outside the box to understand the damage he is doing to the economy and how he is putting people out of jobs. I really feel sorry for APP and Solaris after they have invested in Australia and provided jobs. Will Reece Turner help the people now out of jobs? Of course not, he doesn’t give a damn about that. He just worries about his wardrobe and what stunts they can waste money on to promote himself. GP you make idiots out of yourselves every time but the sad part is that genuine people SUFFER for your stupidity.

  81. Crusaders.Fan
    16 Aug 11
    11:55 am

  82. Hey…who’s claim jumping my moniker?

  83. Maurice
    16 Aug 11
    12:11 pm

  84. Hey Reece

    ‘ooooo oooOOO oooOOOOOO OOOOOOOOO, eheheheh ehehEHEHEH ehEHEHEHEHEHEHEH.’

    Translated from Apeian language into English means,’REECE you are a Fucking Idiot extraordinaire.’

  85. Clean Air
    21 Aug 11
    10:07 am

  86. I do believe that Greenpeace’s end goal is quite simply to save pristine virgin rainforest.

    Many large companies put profits first and their senior management just couldn’t give a crap about their impact on the environment / others.

    It’s like Ed Challenger of G2 not giving a fck about the effects of smoking on society. It’s like Mark O’Brien at Frontier Media not giving a hoot about the pain that is caused from couples splitting up (promoting the Ashley Madison website.)

    Reading these comments really sums up why ad agency execs are second to investment bankers for doing fck all for society.

    Green peace want to clean up the planet.

    It doesn’t matter how strong a countries economy is if it’s citizens cannot breath the air around them…

  87. cRAZY iVAN
    21 Aug 11
    4:21 pm

  88. I wonder how many posts on here are from Solais Paper execs and Greenpeace members = 99%+ would be my guess

  89. Louai Alasfahani
    1 Sep 11
    3:28 pm

  90. Fact 1: A tiger is dead
    Fact 2: A tigger could have been saved
    Fact 3: Bad news travels fast
    Fact 4: There is no such thing as bad publicity, only publicity
    Conclusion: Green Peace was renowned for taking things into their own hands (in a galaxy far far away), Why didn’t they act by saving the tiger?!!!!because the news of a dead tiger will travel faster than the news of a saved tiger and the publicity on the dead tiger would serve the interests of GP far better than that of a saved tiger.
    NB. I do not work for GP or Solaris, I work for Paragon.