Sportsbet gets tactical around election news

Online betting firm has today launched a tactical press ad around the news of September’s election, announced yesterday.

In the ad, speech bubbles emerge from the two main election hopefuls. Liberal Party leader Tony Abbott says, “I’m going to win big on election day”; Prime Minister Julia Gillard counters, “Only if you back me at”.

The ad ran in newspapers including Melbourne’s Herald Sun and Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph.

Sportsbet is making a name for itself as a tactical advertiser. Last year, the firm piggybacked CommBank’s ‘Can’ campaign with a parody ad. When CommBank accused Sportsbet of infringing on its copyright, Sportsbet challenged CommBank to a dance-off to settle the dispute.

The ‘Can’ parody creative work was done in-house by Sportsbet’s marketing team, as was today’s tactical ad.

Robin Hicks


  1. gavin
    31 Jan 13
    2:11 pm

  2. Also in the SMH.

  3. Wayne
    31 Jan 13
    2:21 pm

  4. I guess it all comes down to who’s got bigger balls in the end….

  5. Dan
    31 Jan 13
    3:40 pm

  6. I wonder what the PM and Opposition leader think about being used to promote gambling? Would/should they have given permission for their images to be used?

  7. Jimi Bostock
    31 Jan 13
    4:05 pm

  8. Love the agility – more advertisers should take note