State of Origin helps Nine to big win

An audience of 2.472m viewers watched NSW beat Queensland in the second match of the 2012 State of Origin Rugby League on Nine.

The match was Wednesday’s clear ratings winner, followed by the pre and post match wrap-ups but was down slightly on the first game result of 2.51m.

However, it was the highest ever game 2 result, with a peak of 2.823m.

Across the five city metro markets, Sydney was the clear winner with 1.185m average viewers ahead of Brisbane’s 774,000. Melbourne had 366,000 viewers while Adelaide had 68,000 and perth 79,000, according to preliminary results from OzTam.

The post-match wrap up took 1.978m viewers, but did not screen in Melbourne while the pre-match show took 1.558m viewers, but did not screen in Adelaide or Perth.

Nine was the clear winner on the night, as The Block won in regular viewing, fourth overall, taking 1.378m followed Nine News taking 1.309m viewers in fifth place.

Seven News followed in sixth place with 1.288m viewers followed by Nine’s A Current Affair at 6.30pm which took 1.177m.

MasterChef was Ten’s highest rating show with 1.054m viewers in ninth place, which ran from 7pm to 8.30pm and ABC News was the ABC’s highest rating show on 997,000.

Seven, so as not to compete against the State of Origin in NSW and Queensland, broadcast Border Security: Australia’s Frontline at 7:30pm and The Force: Behind the Lines at 8pm, taking 310,000 and 232,000 respectively.

In Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, Seven broadcast Australia’s Got Talent at 7.30pm to take 534,000. The episode will air in Queensland and NSW on Thursday night.

Debuting against the football on the ABC at 8pm, Myf Warhurst’s Nice, a show that follows the former Spicks and Specks team leader around Australia discovering pop culture items from her youth took 503,000 viewers. It was followed by Andrew Denton’s Randling which took 407,000 viewers in 23rd spot.

Wednesday’s top 15 shows
1. State of Origin II – Match – Nine 2.472m
2. State of Origin II – Post-Match – Nine 1.978m
3. State of Origin II – Pre-Match – Nine 1.558m
4. The Block – Nine 1.378m
5. Nine News – Nine 1.309m
6. Seven News – Seven 1.288m
7. A Current Affair – Nine 1.177m
8. Today Tonight – Seven 1.112m
9. Masterchef – Ten 1.054m
10. ABC News – ABC 0.997m
11. Offspring – Ten 0.865m
12. Home and Away – Seven 0.851m
13. Ten News – Ten 0.656m
14. Hot Seat – Nine 0.645m
15. Deal or No Deal – Seven 0.627m

Wednesday’s channel share
Nine: 36.8%
Seven: 14.9%
Ten: 14.7%
ABC1: 9.0%
SBS1: 3.8%
Eleven: 3.5%
7TWO: 3.4%
GO!: 3.1%
7mate: 2.9%
ABC2: 2.3%
Gem: 2.0%
One: 1.4%
SBS2: 1.0%
ABC3: 0.7%
ABC News 24: 0.7%


  1. Kevin
    14 Jun 12
    10:25 am

  2. Regardless of your sporting preferences, not much can hold a light to the sheer spectacle of an Origin game. AFL and rugby would kill for something like that.

  3. Robbo
    14 Jun 12
    1:09 pm

  4. Rubbish, Kevin. I tried to watch it, really earnestly tried, but couldn’t get any more than about 20 mins in.

    I’m an AFL fan, but I’d rather watch basketball that league.
    Only rugby league heads can enjoy the game – it’s boring.

  5. Josh
    14 Jun 12
    1:15 pm

  6. Kevin,
    Look at the AFL grand final viewers stats. Or the competitive ANZAC day match.

  7. Hoin
    14 Jun 12
    2:40 pm

  8. Yes, but look at the gulf in State of Origin numbers between the northern and southern states. Not good if you are looking at a national spend.

  9. Kevin
    14 Jun 12
    4:28 pm

  10. @ Robbo… Well, thankfully you’re not head of Nine Sport. Again, regardless of your sporting preferences, the SOO remains a staggering cap in the NRL’s cap. The highest rating programme on Australian television for a sport largely confined to two states. And not one game, but three games too all pulling 2.5-million plus audiences (which is what I believe the AFL grand final does nationally.) The decider in a couple of weeks could top three-million. So again, yes, AFL and rugby would kill for something like that.

  11. Toby
    15 Jun 12
    12:09 pm

  12. Kevin you are spot on, the others don’t know what they are talking about, if you include all ratings ie. regional figures origin gets 4million viewers just australia wide. Plus new zealand and other overseas markets it is a major draw card. Last years AFL grand final drew total 3.572million, 150,000 more then leagues. Essentially its like having 4 grand finals for NRL.

  13. Anon
    17 Jun 12
    10:23 pm

  14. The decider will be huge!

    Can anyone point me in the direction of the latest news regarding the broadcasting rights for the NRL? I heard that 2012 was the end and that a new agreement will begin for 2013 onwards.

  15. Toby
    19 Jun 12
    9:33 am

  16. Basically, nine and fox have made an initial mid and they are in discussions with 7 and 10. Hopefully, 9 will not keep the results as the do not do the NRL justice. Ratings would also be seriously boosted if there was a free to air saturday and monday game. See links below for details